One thing many direct sales consultants struggle with, is the invariable brand comparison question: “How is your brand different than ______?” It’s not always easy to highlight your own brand’s or product’s merits without disparaging another company. And since nearly every product or service out there has a competitor, it’s something every one of us has likely experienced.

And while you might be tempted to say “Oh we’re so much better than _______ in quality, variety, satisfaction, etc.” what you’re really doing is opening up a door to negativity or bashing.

So here’s my suggestion. When that question comes up, and it does. It happens to me all the time too…. “How is Epic Facebook Parties different than {other company that sells training}?” Pivot and say: “Great question. I don’t represent that company {haven’t tried that product, haven’t sold for them, haven’t done that training}, so I can’t speak to their quality/ingredients/etc., but let me tell you what I love about my product/company/brand/opportunity.”

Pivot back to positive, every time. Want to avoid the bashing? Don’t open up the opportunity to allow it.

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Don't forget to repin this for later!! It may seem like a natural thing to compare and contrast between your direct sales company and another company. Some customers may even ask you for the difference between companies. But, even if you try to take it from a positive angle, comparing direct sales companies can lead to trouble. #Socialmediamarketing, social media marketing tips, marketing training, tips, social strategy, marketing strategy