Compliance. Rules. Rule breakers. Let’s talk about it.

I am very pro-compliance. I believe that direct sales compliance departments, policies, consultant agreements, terms of service, etc. exist to create a level playing field for all consultants to succeed.

The challenge, however, is that compliance is often enforced from the field. So when people blatantly or unknowingly break the rules, it’s usually other consultants who either remind them or report them. Some people get a little crazy with policing everyone else, and I don’t think that’s healthy either. But if you see blatant and chronic rule breakers, I think compliance should be notified. It’s hurting your field overall, if there is inequity. It creates inequity in how some people are selling, promoting, marketing, using social media, recruiting, etc. If someone is gaining an unfair advantage, you *should* care about it, if it’s hurting you, or affecting expectations with your customers or team. So it’s compliance’s job to deal with them; that’s why the department exists. Or said another way, someone needs to hammer down the nail to make it even again.

So should you care about other people breaking rules? Yes, absolutely. I have made it my business to try to “do this business better” and teach others. I believe that not caring hurts you, your consultant field, your brand, and the industry at large. Also, I believe much of direct sales compliance challenges are rooted in the spammy and egregious things that direct sellers do, that are against many brands rules. I believe we can all do better, and strive to walk the talk of better direct sales.

However, I also believe that people will do their own thing, and because we’re independent, we’ll make our own decisions. I make mine, you make yours. And if you’re trying to *help* someone stay in the lines of your brand’s rules and they respond with a nasty “mind your own bees wax”, so be it. They’re basically giving you no other choice than to report.

At the end of the day, the only person I have to go to bed with is myself. Did I do the best I could for myself, my brand, and my integrity? If the answer is yes, then peace out. Report, bless, release and move on.

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