At least once a day we get a question here in the Suite, some variation on “I’m thinking about starting a new/second direct sales business.” And then usually a comment expressing feelings of guilt, fear of time management and organization, fear of “what will people think….” etc.

Here’s my take on it, told with an analogy.

I like LuLaRoe clothing. Like, a lot. I started by trying Julia, then Nicole, then Amelia, then Ana. (These are dress styles, for the non-initiated.) I tried them on to see if they fit. I tried hard to make them work. But I ended up breaking up with Julia, Nicole, Amelia, and Ana when I met Carly. Carly and I are now best friends, and will probably live happily ever after. She makes me happy, and I don’t feel self-conscious about my baby belly and my big butt when I’m wearing her.

It is perfectly normal to “try on” different companies to see what fits. Perhaps the upline, or the products, or the comp plan, or the culture isn’t quite the right fit, and you wouldn’t know that until you joined and peeked behind the dressing room curtain. And when you find a company that *does* fit, you know it. You click. You find people who inspire you and make you laugh. Who challenge you in all the right ways. Who make you feel good in your skin. Who make your baby belly and your big butt look good.

So what if you really do love two completely different dresses. Can you love them both equally? Now we talk time management and organization. Can you dedicate time to both businesses? Only you can answer that. Most will say (and I agree) that if you wish to pursue leadership and team building, do it with ONE company only. Because duplicating all those leadership, communication, and training processes is hard work and will require some stellar organizational skills.

But if you’re still shopping and finding the right dress, then you do you. There is no need to feel guilty about trying companies on for size to find your fit, as long as you are ethical and honest with your intentions to the people who matter (your upline, your team, your sponsor, yourself). Feel good in your company, feel good in your skin. Find the one that makes you look and feel fabulous.

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