My son is 5, and is learning to play soccer. Half the time he misses the ball when he tries to kick, or runs in the wrong direction. My daughter is 8, and has been taking piano lessons for two years now. She has moved beyond one-handed Jingle Bells, and is now working on two-handed techniques, and sounds pretty darn good.

No matter what we want to do, we all start as novices. We all start at step 1, and have to learn the basics of kicking the ball, or where to put our hands. We have to learn Jingle Bells before we can play the concerto. Mastering our businesses is a series of skills that takes practice. Selling, recruiting, social media, confidence, cues, customer service… all skills to learn, repeat, refine, and master.

I see so many people get frustrated that they aren’t yet an “expert.” That they aren’t selling or recruiting or achieving more. Take a moment to pause and reflect where you are on your learning curve. Did you just start playing the game? Are you two-years into your lessons? Different skills and techniques come at different times, and often we see something that we’ve seen many times before, and suddenly it clicks like “Oh, I get it now!!” That is an indication of learning and mastery. (And I **know** it’s happened to many here in the Suite; you’ve told me.)

If you are seeing other people have success, it’s quite likely they have simply been playing the game longer.

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