Facebook Jail is real, and it’s no joke. Jail is when you are restricted from using a Facebook function or functions for a period of time. Sometimes you are warned, other times you are not. Facebook works against direct sellers. So we need to get creative with understanding how to play nice. Facebook’s goal is personal connections on personal profiles, business on business page, and community in groups. And it works hard to suppress spam. So, we simply have to NOT BE SPAMMY.

Challenge 1:
Your corporate brands provide you gorgeous social media assets. And everyone rushes to post them online as quickly as you can, including sometimes, the exact script to use. Facebook sees the flood of images as mass spam and suppresses them, based on their image pixel analysis. This suppresses your reach.

Solution: Create your own original images. Use your corporate images on a delays basis from when the “masses” are posting.

Challenge 2:
You post a ton of business content on your personal walls and your friends hide you or mark you as spam. Facebook doesn’t like this, because it violates your Facebook Terms and Conditions on using personal profile for commercial purposes.

Solution: Use your business page or group, and only strategic and periodic sharing to your personal profile. Don’t use your personal profile as your marketing brochure. (It will kill your warm market.)

Challenge 3:
You have great news to share, and want to post it across many Facebook groups all at the same time. Facebook sees the mass copy/paste as potential spam, and will either slow you down or outright block you from posting in groups.

Change your wording in each post so it doesn’t look like a spambot mass posting, and slow down your postings.

Challenge 4:
You send friend requests to a bunch of people (maybe guests at an upcoming party), and if they don’t know you, they mark you as spam. Facebook tosses you in jail for spamming friend requests.

Solution: Leverage your hostess for warm introductions. Make connections in Facebook groups (such as here in the Suite), and send friend requests that are welcomed and expected.

Challenge 5:
You end up in Facebook Jail, and are blocked from posting in your groups. You freak out over the impact to your business.

Solution: Make a friend or spouse a backup admin on your primary business accounts/pages/groups.

Facebook jail can be a few hours, to outright shutdown of your account if it’s perceived as being a fake account. Pause and think about how you are using Facebook. If you’ve ever ended up jail, you know how tortuous it is – and how you never want it to happen again.

edit: These are not the only reasons you might land in Facebook jail. I just wanted to highlight some common challenges with easier workarounds.

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