Lots of companies are going through changes. Mergers or acquisition, policy changes, system upgrades, inventory/shipping changes, quality control changes… if you haven’t been through a major change in your brand, you haven’t been around long enough.  Leadership

I was talking to a client about major changes coming in her brand, and how to help lead her team through them. There are two kinds of leadership responses during times of change or uncertainty. Those who in the absence of anything to share, say nothing. And if the leader isn’t visible, the team starts to speculate and assume, and the gossip vine grows wildly out of control – usually negatively. And then the leader who says “I don’t have info yet, but as soon as I do I’ll share what I know. We’re all in this together.” This leader stays front and center even without solid answers yet, and the team knows the leader has their back.

Anyone can be Captain when the seas are calm. True leadership is revealed during the storm. Take the wheel and steer your ship and crew to shore, and that is how you’ll earn their respect and loyalty.

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leadership during change