Many people miss their mark when it comes to the mass market versus niche marketing. The concept seems so simple that they actually overcomplicate it. That’s because when these marketers develop their campaigns, they do so with everyone in mind – the mass market. When sending mass emails, marketers act as though they are sending their message out to everyone on their list. And they are, technically. However, consumers don’t sign onto a newsletter to get the same communication being sent to everyone else – they sign up to get something special – to be treated like someone special. They sign up for personal reasons and respond better when you reach out to them personally. When seeing an ad, consumers respond better if it feels like the marketer is talking specifically to them rather than to everyone. It’s important for marketers to remember this and move away from the mass market and over to niche marketing.

Forgetting this is a recipe for disaster and a loss of valuable marketing dollars.

Even with mass communication such as newsletters, you must select your target audience. “Mass” means many people, but it doesn’t mean everyone. And trying to reach out to everyone could very well backfire until you have no one left to market to.

Everyone has their own tastes, desires, goals, and needs. For example, you wouldn’t try to sell a 2-seater sports car to a family of four or five looking for a 6-seater with plenty of storage or baggage room. Or try to sell and jungle-hiking adventure to seniors with a walker. No matter what your product or service is and whether you are trying to sell to many or just a few, it is important to know who your target market is.

We know some people cringe at this, yet the most successful people always do their homework first and understand who would buy what they are selling from them.

Now, you may look at the above examples and think “those are obvious,” and yes, they are; but they still set up a clear point of why you should know to whom you’re selling. Not all products and services are quite so clear. Can you really sell nail wraps to everyone with fingernails? Can you really sell kitchen gadgets to everyone with a kitchen in their home? Can you really sell your tee shirt designs to everyone who wears tee shirts?

Do a few searches online and you’ll find story after story after story of entrepreneurs who tried to market to everyone with no success at all, only to change tactics, define their ideal client, and suddenly find success.

Yes, it takes time and effort. No one has ever started up a new business thinking “I can’t wait to fail!!” Yet, without setting up this one foundational piece, that is exactly what many new entrepreneurs are doing every month: failing. By not identifying your ideal client and talking directly to them, your message goes nowhere, noone hears it, and any time or effort spent on your marketing campaigns is all but wasted.

So, figure out your target market and then find out what they need. Then, figure out a way to give that to them. Is it through direct marketing, television, newspapers, trade journals, magazines? Are they hanging out in groups on Facebook or chats on Twitter? Figure out where they are will help you separate your strategy from the mass market and get it in front of the people who need it.

That is niche marketing.

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