One of the biggest struggles in direct sales is the consistency struggle. Trying to post to every social media channel consistently can be overwhelming.

Posting on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, blogging, Youtube, Twitter, frontline groups, leader groups… So many places! I knew, deep in my bones, that I needed to get consistent if I wanted to be successful, and yet, I struggled.

Just because we know what we need to do doesn’t mean we’ll actually do it.

Why Consistency Matters in Direct Sales

Social media moves fast and there is a lot, A LOT, of competition. Posting on social media consistently gives you a presence. Your visibility and connection to your community is the first step in strengthening your relationship. It reminds people how freakin’ awesome you are!

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Consistency Struggle #1: Shiny new object syndrome

Nothing can derail your consistency plans faster than finding a new tool. Ooh, look, here’s a new place for me to post my content. This must be the missing piece. If I can post over here now, I will *finally* find the success I’ve been looking for.

Sound familiar?

Emerging channels are higher on the social media pyramid and are definitely less crowded, but they are not necessarily the silver bullet we are looking for. Incorporating a new channel cannot come at the expense of an existing channel, particularly one where you’ve already cultivated a following. When you abandon your customers, someone else is ready to swoop in and start developing relationships to fill that void.

Consistency Struggle #2: We have unrealistic expectations

When I get home from my 10-hour workday, I’m going to post in my group and on my page, take a perfect product picture and post in on Instagram, do a quick live stream about how to use my product, edit that and post in on Youtube, write a blog post, then create a bunch of pins for Pinterest, all in the hour after my kids have gone to bed.

Sure you are! (No you’re not.)

Creating content takes time. It’s not hard, once you learn how to do it, but it does take time. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

Get real with yourself on how long these things take and budget your time accordingly. It is far better to be awesome in one or two places than it is mediocre is all the places.

Consistency Struggle #3: We get overwhelmed

There’s so much to do, I don’t know where to start. So I become paralyzed and don’t do anything.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Focus on one channel, master it, then add another. If you are just starting out, or returning from a hiatus, get into your groove in the one place you’re most likely connecting with your community, then build on that.

Consistency Struggle #4: We become successful

This, friends, is a real struggle. We use social media are a marketing platform, but what happens when it’s working? We have more orders to process, more customers to follow up with, more business to conduct. Your strategy is working.

When your time is stretched thin, because you are busy with other elements of your business, review your strategy and adjust as needed. Choose where you will focus your energy and stay consistent there.

Consistency Struggle #5: We don’t think it’s working

I’ve been posting for a week and I’m not magically successful.

The cold, hard truth is, it takes time. Each post, each video, each pin, they are all just layers of the castle you are building. It’s hard to stay focused on the big picture when you’re down in the trenches. But, stick with it and one day, you’ll take a step back and be amazed at what you’ve built. Think of your business as a five-gallon bucket and each action is one drop of water. It may take time, but eventually, that bucket will overflow. To outsiders, it will look like it happened overnight, but you’ll know the truth.

Devote yourself to staying consistent!


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