I don't think it's a coincidence that one of the most searched terms in direct sales is “direct sales party games.” Nor do I think it's a coincidence that it's one of the most-asked questions in any of our groups.

Once someone joins a direct sales company, that becomes one of their top priorities: finding ways to make their home parties fun.

After all, if they aren't fun, then no one will want to come no matter how great the products are.

So, here is a list of some of the best direct sales party games for your business.

Remember, the best direct sales party games are the ones that are tailored to your host and their guests.

So, rather than just printing off these games and trying to run them straight out of the box, take some time to customize them to fit with your hostess. This will keep your guests even more motivated to play (and win)!

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Just a Call Away

This is a great icebreaker game because it helps you give out your contact information in a fun way.

Near the beginning of your party, ask everyone to take out their cellphones. Then, call out your phone number and tell everyone to call you.

Obviously, since they are calling you, your phone will ring. Go ahead and answer the phone to find out who had the fastest fingers.

Holding your party online? This game can still be a lot of fun. Simply go live in your party to give out the phone number and answer the phone.

And, of course, since everyone will already have their phone out, ask them to go ahead and save your numbers should they ever need it.

What's in a Name

Another great icebreaker game. This time, ask each guest to recite a sentence using each letter in their name and get ready for the hilarity:

  • Brenda radically endures northern disco androids.
  • Jennifer emails nautical nuances inside fur engulfed raccoons.
  • Sarah asks regular acrobats hoodwinked.

Holding your party online? Although the results may vary as people are not put on the spot to think up a sentence, this game can still be just as much fun using comments on a post.

Party Bingo

This one is always a favorite, and for good reason. It's easy to set up, doesn't take a lot of time or materials, and it can be reused over and over again (with different results!).

Option One: Classic Bingo. Print out Bingo Cards with various activities written into the squares. You can use any activity you like:

  • Ask a question
  • Be on time
  • Sign up to host a party
  • Play a game
  • Try a product

Holding your party online? This game is easy to reinvent for an online sales party. Just replace the activities on the card with more online-focused activities such as leaving a comment, sharing the invitation, or posting a selfie.

Option Two: Fill-in-the-Bingo. This option is even easier to play, since it only requires you to print out blank cards. Hand out the blank Bingo Cards to your guests as they arrive. Then, as you work through your party's demonstrations and games, have them write in anything that they might want to see more of or have more questions on

This works out well because it gives guests a fun way to remind themselves that they had questions about you or your company without interrupting you.

Holding your party online? Again, this is an easy game to reinvent. Just create your blank Bingo card and share a link so party guests can download and print it out. Then, if anyone fills it out, they can upload a selfie with it to claim their prize!

Auction it Off

What's more fun than a giveaway? An auction. People love being able to bid on different things. By ending your party with an auction, you can re-engage with guests who might have tuned out or gotten distracted by other things.

To start, create and print off your Brand Dollars – that'll be similar to Monopoly Money but with your information on it instead of Rich Uncle Penneybags.

Next, make sure you have set up a system of allowing your guests to earn some Brand Dollars:

  • Showing up: $20 (maybe even a bonus $20 for being on time)
  • Participating in a game: $50
  • Bringing a friend: $50

Then, go through your party as normal. At the end of the party, hold an auction for any prize you like, and allow your guests to bid using their Brand Dollars they've earned.

Holding your party online? Translating this one to be held online might be a bit tricky, but it can still be done if you're comfortable going Live in your party. Hold the Auction over the Live and have people comment their bids. Just make sure to take into account any delay that might be caused by the Internet so people have a fair chance to win something.

What's in the Basket?

Get a large gift basket you can fill up with different products. This works best if you can use products from your inventory, but you can also use random objects that would complement your products as well. Make sure the basket is packed full of products – even overlapping. Then during your party, pass the basket around and let each of the guests take a look at everything.

When it's time to play the game, cover the basket with a towel or a bag and ask the guests to write down some of the products they saw in the basket. The person who can recall the most products, wins!

Holding your party online? Instead of passing around a basket full of your product, you can post a video of you going through the basket yourself. Then, when it's time to play the game, be sure to delete the video and have your guests comment with the products they can remember.

What should you giveaway as prizes for your direct sales party games?

The short answer is “anything you want.” But the long, and more accurate, answer is to choose items that will complement your products in some way.

Choosing which items to giveaway as prizes during your direct sales party games can feel tricky. If you give away free products, then who is going to buy anything? Give out only things that require purchases (such as free shipping or discounts) and you risk killing off the excitement at your party really quick (not to mention your income if no one is buying at full price).

And then there's the consultants' favorite: winning a booked party. But this prize needs to be used strategically, since it involves a lot of work on the part of the host and doesn't always feel like a “prize.”

So what does that leave? Choosing items you don't normally sell:

  • Discontinued products.
  • Items that make using your products easier.
  • Items that make your products even better.

Remember: the prize itself doesn't have to be huge or expensive, it just has to be something your guests will appreciate. So don't be scared of giving away a $5 gift certificate to Amazon.

How can you make sure your direct sales party games are fun?

I'll give you a hint: “winging it” almost never makes it fun. And the reason for that is because “winging it” doesn't allow you to look confident.

A lot of people who come to your direct sales parties will be brand new to you, your company, and your parties. So as you're playing the direct sales party games, they will have questions. If you're winging things, then as you answer those questions, your lack of confidence in those answers will come through.

And that's never fun.

Additionally, you don't want to use all the same games at all your parties. Why not? Because you're hoping to book more parties!

If a guest signs up to host a party after attending a party, they may not want their party to be exactly the same. After all, some of their friends might be guests at both parties — playing all the same games to win all the same prizes will do one of two things:

  1. Make the party boring, therefore killing your chances of being able to book from this crowd again.
  2. Attract people who will expect those prizes (okay, this one isn't all bad – but if you're using products as prizes, then this can really dig into your revenue).

So, to really make sure your parties are always fun, you'll want to tailor your games to be focused more on your hosts. What games are their favorites? Which game do they definitely absolutely have to play? Would they like a new game?

You can even use a platform like Pinterest and invite your hosts to collaborate with you on a group board to create or gather new games for their party to help keep it special to her.

How Many Games Should you Plan for at a Party?

There is no magic number for how many games to plan at a party. The only thing to keep in mind is to plan enough to fill the time without overloading it. Throwing in too many games will force you to rush through or gloss over the rest of your presentation, but too few and your party will be one gigantic, boring sales pitch.

Talk with your party host and learn more about who her guests are going to be and what she believes they will respond to. Then plan your games accordingly.

Direct Sales Party Games Should Help Introduce your Audience to your Products in a Fun and Nonthreatening Way

That's why we call them parties! Sure, there is a bit of sales and networking involved, but it's also a fun way to introduce an amazing product to your audience.

And if your audience isn't having fun, can you really call it a party?

Think about that.


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