We've all heard the pitch: be your own boss! Set your own hours! Be a successful, direct sales Stay at Home Mom! Be home with your kids! You're only limited by your own potential! Join a direct selling company and you can change your life!

I know you're expecting me to say something witty like “and then we joined and learned the real truth.” But guess what?

Those statements are all true.

But here's what they don't tell you: if you really want to make money and become a leader in most companies, you have to be out there selling and, yes, likely building a team by sponsoring new consultants. And this often means hosting parties several nights per week, selling at vendor events and fairs on weekends, and basically being gone from the kids with whom you wanted to stay home.

Ironic much?

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When I started in direct sales back in 2012, I was still working full time during the day and traveling for work.

I already wasn't home much as it was, and sure as heck didn't want to be gone even more for my new little side business.

I made the decision that I was going to be home when my kids were home, period.

With both kids in pre-school and early elementary school, that meant evening and weekend parties and vendor events were off the table for me. My choice, my priorities.

So, I started really digging into social media, and built a strategy to run my business almost exclusively online – including sales, parties, customer service, sponsoring, and team leadership.

Was it easy? No.

But was it worth it? Absolutely.

I was the top sponsor for my brand for two straight years, #2 in the company in developing new leaders, earned incentive trips and prizes, and did it from my laptop on the couch.

To this day, 99% of my business is conducted entirely online. And that's what ultimately led me to my passion and business: teaching other direct sellers and solopreneurs to build their online business.

The companies embracing social media as their primary selling channel, or arming their consultants with the strategies and tools to succeed in the crowded online field of many apps and channels, are having success. And what about the companies who haven't quite caught up yet? Their consultants are going out and seeking it on their own once they realize the ironic paradox they tripped into, and learn the truth that direct sales success might just come at a personal price.

So what does this all mean? Where does someone even get started with social media for a direct sales business?

Approach it as a project and commit to learning and building online.

Changing the Paradox of the Direct Sales Stay at Home Mom

  • Phase 1: Basic applications setup – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.
  • Phase 2: Learn how to do online parties that are fun and engaging.
  • Phase 3: Develop a personal branding strategy.
  • Phase 4: Start livestreaming to build audience.
  • Phase 5: Start a blog filled with educational or lifestyle content.
  • Phase 6: Start a YouTube channel to leverage shareability.
  • Phase 7: Advanced platform usage and consistency.

You can absolutely have a successful direct selling business online and be home when your kids are home once you define both the strategy and tactics to reach your target customer. Its going to take work, and a plan. You can do it while taking care of your kids, its just a juggling act.

And we can eliminate the paradox of wanting to be at home with your kids and have a successful business.


Brenda Ster sitting at her desk with her phone in both hands with the words You can be a stay at home mom and a direct sales business owner for the blog post The Paradox of the Direct Sales Stay at Home Mom

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