Brenda Ster, Social Marketing Strategist specializing in Direct Sales

Brenda Ster

Social Marketing Strategist and Founder of The Elite Suite.

About Brenda

After years as a corporate technology executive, I was ready for an opportunity that would allow me more freedom with my time. I started selling a product as an independent consultant but knew that to find success in a way that fit MY life, I would have to work smarter, not harder.

Using social marketing methods authentic to me and the value I wanted to offer, I curated an online presence that led to building a successful and profitable business in under three years.

Since that time, I’ve built and operated several 6- and 7-figure businesses, all online, using social marketing methods I pioneered.

My business is built on a foundation of value and my relationship with my clients.

I want to guide you to the success you envision for yourself by sharing my knowledge and experience and saving you time, money and effort with ready to use digital assets I’ve designed to help you get online, differentiate yourself from others who sell the same or similar products and services, a build a dynamic social strategy that delivers results.