Cari Hollis, CEO of Direct Creatives

Cari Hollis

CEO of Direct Creatives

About Cari

Cari Hollis is the Chief Experience Officer at Direct Creatives, the collaborative online digital marketplace for direct sellers & small business owners.

Her passion is helping & empowering fellow entrepreneurs and direct sellers with their businesses. She started her own entrepreneurial journey in 2008 when she launched her maternity & birth doula/photography business.

After a few years, Cari realized she wanted to be home more with her own kids (those babies always have plans of their own), so she pivoted to direct sales in 2014. She found the Suite and switched direct sales brands, helped to launch a direct sales company while building her own team to over 900 consultants, and so much more. Along the way, Cari met 2 of the best business partners a girl could ask for and in 2019, they acquired Direct Creatives with the goal of helping direct sellers & entrepreneurs diversify their income streams by offering goods & services they are already creating and doing.

Cari is a Southern California native who moved to Southern Oregon with her husband and 2 kids to find a slower pace of life.