Heather Hall, executive level leader and mentor in the Direct Sales industry

Heather Hall

Executive level leader and mentor in the Direct Sales Industry

About Heather

What’s cooking in the kitchen? If Heather has it her way, it’s Servant Leadership and it’s delicious!
Heather Hall is a John Maxwell Leadership certified coach and mentor, known for her down home, straight from the hip, no nonsense servant leadership approach to business. She’s also an executive level leader in the Direct Sales Industry where she puts her teachings to the test. She has grown a team of thousands by taking the road less traveled without apology. This approach has led her to significant personal and business success. Her ultimate goal is for you to experience the same.
Whether through personal mentoring, coaching or speaking engagements, Heather is passionate about helping business owners, managers and community leaders experience the fullness of leadership by serving others.

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