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OK you guys, you’ve heard all about Facebook Live.  And maybe you thought you needed to learn more, but didn’t really know where to start or how to use livestream technology for your business.  We’re busting down the walls today and teaching Facebook Live for Direct Sales!  We’re teaching the EASIEST way to livestream via Facebook Live, anywhere you admin on Facebook.  Your personal profile, a group, a page, or an event – if you’re an admin, you can be the host and make a big impact in your community.

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How to Set Up a Facebook Live for Direct Sales

I am using a website called BeLive.TV.  This site is A-MAY-ZING and so easy to setup.  Follow along with me, and you’ll be livestreaming to your own community in just a few minutes.  As the host, you need to be an admin for wherever you plan to livestream and need to set this up from your computer.

Step 1:  Access the website BeLive.TV and click on login in the upper right hand corner.  You will connect via your Facebook account.

Step 2:  Decide what kind of broadcast you will be doing.  You can do a live Q&A Broadcast (with only you on screen), or a Face to Face Interview Broadcast with another person.  For our example here, we will be doing a Face to Face Interview.  Best part?  The guest does NOT need to be in your community (page, group, etc.) or even on Facebook!  WHAT?!  That’s right!

Step 3:  Choose where you will be broadcasting.  You can connect anywhere you are an admin on Facebook.  The title at the top will be the title that shows on Facebook.

Step 4:  You will be connected to a configuration screen.  Connect your own camera in the box on the mid right, and send the guest link from the box on the left.  Once both are connected, you will appear in the preview box on the far right.  This link is why your guest doesn’t need to actually be in your group in order to livestream!

Step 5:  Once both you and your guest are connected, you will have the option to “Start Broadcast.

Step 6:  Once broadcasting, your Live Broadcast Preview will show you exactly what your Facebook viewers can see.  Use the buttons below the preview, to change how you and your guest appear on screen.

Step 7:  In the bottom left corner, you have Backchannel Chat.  This allows you to chat privately with your guest.

Step 8:  Now let’s talk about the major power.  Comments!  As guests comment on Facebook, the comments automatically appear in BeLive.TV.  You can then choose to “Show” certain comments on screen, as they are being answered.

Step 9:  You can also “Write On-Screen Updates” on the fly, that your guests will be able to see.

Step 10:  If you know in advance what content you will be covering, you can also prepare your Agenda, and then “Show” each agenda item as appropriate during your broadcast.

So let’s brainstorm how you as a direct seller might use BeLive.TV in your business.  

  • Team or group training
  • Showcase certain consultants, leaders, or customers in training or opportunity events
  • Live sales or product demonstrations
  • Multi-consultant sale within or across brands
  • Online hostess party where your hostess is actively live with you
  • Guest speakers for your team or community such as another leader, home office, or industry expert
  • Use the agenda portion of BeLive to prepare your outline to be sure you cover all key points!

The options are limitless.  This type of technology brings the PERSONALITY straight to your Facebook community, and the Face to Face option gives you so much more potential to provide PURPOSEFUL VALUE to your community.  Remember, it’s all about the 3 P’s of Social Content – personality, purposeful, promotional.  

Do I NEED a “fancy” Program to go Live?

Short answer is No, you don’t. You can hit the “Go Live” button and just talk. But what BeLive gives you is more control over your own video feed. You can share your screen easily, you can invite people to talk with you, on the screen at the same time. You can showcase comments easily, by putting them up on the screen.

Doing a Facebook live for Direct Sales is a great way to showcase your personality easily. Just getting started is a giant step in the right direction!


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