Think you don't need to put together a real Facebook marketing strategy? Just share your posts whenever there's a special and watch the people come to you? Invite your friends and family to like your page and watch your popularity (and sales) soar?

Think again.

You are in a squillion groups. You like a jillion pages. And guess what: you are not seeing everything that every one of those groups and pages posts.

Here's why.

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How to Upgrade your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Visualize you are driving down a highway. You look to the left and right and see some billboards. Think of this highway as your newsfeed — and the content on your feed are the billboards.

We tend to ignore most of those billboards. They are just background noise — blocking our view of the great scenery. Until one of them happens to catch our eye. Then we'll give that one a little more attention, read what it says, maybe even contemplate acting on it.

We all scroll the Facebook highway in much the same way – scrolling through our main newsfeed. Sometimes it's a quick trip — we only have just a few minutes. Other times we go long haul and scroll for what feels like hours.

Regardless of how long you drive, your eye is looking for something to catch its attention.

As a business, you have two seconds to get someone's attention with a really compelling image or post before they drive right on past you.

People come to Facebook, and they scroll their newsfeed until a post pulls them away from the newsfeed. They won't check your group first, they won't check your page first.

They check their newsfeed first.

And if you aren't showing up in their newsfeed? Then the likelihood that they will just wander into your group or your page to see what's going on is minimal (unless it was already planned out ahead of time – but that's for another post).

Posting isn't enough. Your post has to be compelling enough in those two seconds to warrant a like or comment and get us to take the next highway exit to go find the actual business group or page to see more. And in doing so, that will make it engaging enough for Facebook to show it to more people on the highway coming up behind us.

There is only so much real estate on the side of the road. Only so many posts on the newsfeed. And as much as people might complain about having an algorithm-driven newsfeed instead of a chronological newsfeed, the fact of the matter is that when there was a chronological newsfeed, people missed a lot of posts.

Missed them – even from people they wanted to see.

The algorithm works by trying to show us what we want to see. But that requires engagement.

Facebook is only posting billboards that are already getting action or are places or people you've recently visited. I bet you've recently engaged with someone you hadn't in awhile, and then Facebook served you their next post.

No wonder building a Facebook marketing strategy is so stressful for so many direct sellers. That's a whole lot of pressure for one lonely little billboard.

Two seconds is all you have to get someone's attention on the highway with your jazzy new post.

What can make your billboard stand out?

  • Great image.
  • Quick and compelling copy.
  • Humor.
  • Good photography.
  • Creative story.
  • Different.
  • Purple Cow…

Same old ads? Same old billboards? We all drive right on past. Constantly sharing someone else's posts? We're going to tune you out. Requests to buy your stuff? Sorry…but unless the rest of your Facebook marketing strategy is a bit more compelling, there's no reason to even pay attention to those.


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