You've holding parties and getting into people who buy from you into a follow up system. You're generating your leads from these interactions. You know who you've talked to and when was the las time you've talked.

Finding Prospects to Joining Your Direct Sales Team

Most people never have a good answer to “why do you want me on your team”. So we'll start there by answering that question. Think about what they can offer to your team. Do they love the products and are really well connected? They're really outgoing and love to be the center of attention for a presentation?

As you follow up and have continued conversations with them is how you will learn all this about them. If they're in your Facebook group, and they're always in the comments talking about how they have shown other people the product you sell, and the other people love it, that's a person you can reach out to.

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How do you Find New People to Put on Your List?

You start your list by meeting people at parties, and vendor events. How do you go about getting new people to reach out too? There are many ways to do this, and they should be public facing and searchable.

Can you throw a party on your Facebook page, that people can invite people too without another group to join? Putting a blog together with more information that is searchable with links to a form that they can fill out and get on your list. You can also use your blog as a central place for all of your content. You can use those links to put on other social media platforms, like Pinterest, to reach more people. You can do Instagram Reels and provide value to your followers and have a form in your bio that can be filled out with more information.

You're not looking for them to join your company after one interaction. You're looking to build a relationship with a person who came across your content out in the world wide web. They're basically a stranger, and offering a business opportunity to a stranger you know nothing about is gross.

You want to learn about them. You want to know what they do, what some of their likes or dislikes are, you want to bond over a funny thing your kids both did. You want to know if they would be a good fit for your team. You can't do that if you don't build that relationship.

Remember it takes 32 to 37 touch points before they decide to business with you, including joining your team. You cannot make every since one of those points about joining your team. You'll get blocked so fast. Once you've been talking to someone for a while, and inviting them to different parties and different interactions with you, you can naturally bring up about joining your company.

You don't want to be known as someone who spams people with their join link every time you talk to someone. You'll run out of people to talk too, and probably lose a bunch of friends in the process. We're doing direct sales better.


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