You probably think evvvvvvveryone has heard of your brand. Everyone has heard of it, everyone already has it, and the market is saturated. Know why? Because your Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds are filled with it. You're in all the upline, downline, team, friend, multi, BST, ISO, retired, convention, regional, and brand groups, all your friends sell it, and your life is consumed with it. And it's easy to assume that therefore everyone else is equally consumed with it.

Guess what…. we aren't. The average person isn't in dozens or hundreds of brand-specific groups.

Here's the thing. People who already sell your brand aren't going to be your next customers or hostesses. You are swimming in a relatively small pond, where everyone is wearing and sharing the same products.

I would challenge you to get outside of your pond. Leave some of the brand groups that aren't providing you value, and engage in new groups where you can meet new people. Join networking groups (here or others) and participate in the discussions, challenges, and activities. One of the major benefits of SassyCon (our 1st Socialite convention held in May, for those who aren't familiar), was that it brought together 150 people from all different brands, and new connections are now percolating, and turning into friendships and business relationships.

So many people say that you can't book or their groups/pages are dead. It's easy to blame it on Facebook algorithms…. and sure, that might be part of it. But I also believe it comes down to two key things:

1 – your personal warm network is tapped out
2 – the rest of your network is largely brand-centric

And the way out of this challenge is a solid strategy around networking in new places, attraction and engagement strategies with your personal network, follow-up with customers and hostesses, and funnel strategy for in-person and online that will bring new fish to the pond.

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