“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

I have said this phrase to at least 10 people this week.

Why is this important?

Because in our business, we are constantly inventing. Ways to connect. Ways to inspire. Ways to sell. Ways to deal with social media. Ways to learn. Ways to succeed.

It can be wildly frustrating when technology, people, or processes change and bam – old way no longer works. Consumers and hostesses are getting smarter and more savvy, and expect more. Technology changes and magical algorithms make is damn near impossible to build a marketing strategy that sticks for longer than a few months. Corporate, business, and brand processes change without warning, leaving us with a “Huh? what did I miss?” look on our faces.

Those who are more successful go with the flow, and find the new cheese. (Bonus point if you know where that reference came from.) They seek to move quickly and nimbly, when the macro forces of technology, people, and process shift. And shift they do, and often.

Those who stay ahead of the changes, watch the wind for what's coming (for example – who has noticed Facebook being all glitchy the past couple weeks? That's typically a sign that they are rolling out changes), and are quick to react with positive forward momentum, will have a better chance to stay ahead of the curve. Don't fight it, learn to move with it rather than against it. Necessity is what will drive us all to do and be better.

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