If you are planning to join a new direct sales business, you are probably thinking about how to save money for your business kit.  Most companies have a starter business package that includes marketing materials, training materials, and product samples or display pieces, to allow you to get started quickly.  Basically “business in a box.”  A new direct sales business kit can be any price – I've seen them from as low as free, up to over $5000 dollars, but most are reasonably priced in the $99-$500 range.

Now – how do you save for those kits?  I have some easy and creative ways to fund your kit, with very little effort or out of pocket expense.  And chances are, if you do one or a combo of these things, you can have a kit in your hands in just a few days or weeks to get your business started.

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Ways to Fund Your Direct Sales Business Kit

Garage Sale

  • Go through your house, closets, cabinets, kids rooms, garage and attic, and find all the toys, clothes, gadgets, and items that you no longer use.  Put out some tables, make a couple signs, and you're in business.  Post your garage sale in some local Facebook neighborhood groups, and you'll not only feel good about cleaning out some clutter, but you'll easily have a couple hundred cash in hand to get started.

Sell Items Online

  • Same idea as the garage sale.  Take a decent picture, write a description of your item, and post it eBay, Facebook sales groups, or Craigslist.  And then wait for the buyers.

The $5 Savings Plan

  • Every time you get a $5 dollar bill in your hand, whether from the bank, back in changes, etc., put it in a separate envelope away from your daily cash.  Save all those fives, and they will quickly start to add up.  Don't tap into them for any other purposes!

Sell Used Books, DVDs, CDs, Video Games, and Gadgets

  • Do a quick online search, and you'll likely find many businesses locally or nationwide that will pay you for your old books, games, cell phones, and media that your family has outgrown.  It won't be much likely, but it's sure better than those things taking up space in a box in the garage.  And those pennies will quickly add up to some substantial cash.

Use Coupons

  • Yes, I really am recommending that you become a couponer.  But couponing is so much more than just clipping newspaper ads.  Check to see if your preferred stores offering shopping apps for your smart phone.  For example, Target now offers Cartwheel, where you scan and save in-store.  Use your grocery store's preferred shopper card.  Buy the generic versus the name brand version when you can.  You will find that those pennies add up quickly, and can not only become a financially beneficial way to save for your family, but will also help fund other things – like your new direct sales business kit.

Participate in an “Earn your Kit” Plan

  • Depending on the brand, talk to your sponsor about whether there is an option to earn your kit.

If you are motivated to get your business going, I suggest you also be motivated to fund it in a smart way – especially if you are on a tight household budget.  You can get a direct sales business kit and clear some of the clutter from your life as well.  Using these ideas, your business package is funded, you don't start your business with any debt, and you may even have some extra cash to invest in display items, additional marketing materials, inventory, or event fees.  Do this regularly, and keep your life clutter-free, and your business financially stable!


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