Windy Lawson shared a story with me earlier about something really awesome that happened for her, after a few weeks of some less than good things. And her story reminded me of this metaphor that I think is directly relevant to direct sales.

This business is like a game of golf. I personally am not a golfer. I really suck at golf. It’s a beautiful walk spoiled by a little white ball. I golf when I have to – events, outings, scrambles…. I’ll have 14 awful shots in a row, land in the woods, in the water, in the sand… I hate golf, I want to give up on golf. Then I hit the perfect shot straight down the fairway, and it restores my faith in the game long enough to keep on playing to recreate that perfect shot.

This is the nature of direct sales. There will be dud parties, dud hostesses, bad vendor events, days where you question what you’re doing and if you can do it at all. There will be more shots in the woods, water, and sand than on the green.

But every once in awhile, something exactly perfect will happen. A perfect hostess, great party, big sale, new consultant, or promotion will happen. And that perfect shot will restore your faith in the game.

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