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Once you joined your direct sales company, you probably noticed just how many people are already selling for that company, right? And you no doubt noticed that a lot of those people tend to share the same graphics for direct sales products, right?

And why wouldn’t they? Those companies spend a lot of time and money producing high quality, gorgeous imagery for their consultants to be able to share.

That’s one of the major advantage to joining a direct sales company: a lot of the tools and systems are provided for you so you can just plug in your name and start selling right away.

But, let me ask you something:

If so many consultants are sharing the same graphics for direct sales products, how can you stand out?

This isn’t about market saturation (which isn’t really a thing, but that’s for another post).

Whether it’s 500 consultants or 500,000 consultants, if they are all sharing the exact same graphics for direct sales products, then they all look exactly the same.

The best way to stand out is to create your own graphics

Taking photographs of your products yourself and creating graphics is the best way to help you stand out from every other consultant selling the same products and services.

  • Help your community get to know you better
  • Build your own visibility and brand awareness
  • Give customers a reason to buy from you even when they could buy from anyone.

4 Free Tools to Create Amazing Graphics for Direct Sales


Canva is one of the more popular web-based graphic programs out there. You can create original designs from a variety of types and templates for free, or upgrade to a paid plan for even more options.

Why we love it: Canva allows you to share your designs among others, making it easy to share original graphic templates to others. You can use this to help train your downlines or just as an added perk when sponsoring new team members.


Visme is another popular web-based graphic program. Although it also handles your basic social media graphics, Visme is also great for reports, presentations, and data charts.

Why we love it: Visme’s design interface allows you to easily add new sections onto your project, making it super easy to create larger graphics such as infographs. Additionally, you can create animated forms of your graphics and, depending on their usage, you can access analytics about your graphics.

Design Wizard

Design Wizard is a web-based graphic program with a focus on ease of use. They offer plenty of training on their software, and while you can create some amazing graphics on their platform, they lean more on animations and videos.

Why we love it: Design Wizard places more emphasis on how easy it can be to make videos for social media. Design Wizard also has branding options, such as uploading your own fonts, available on their free plan.


Snappa is a new player in the web-based graphics program field, but a serious contender for favorite. Their interface is easy to use, and they have fresh templates that you won’t find on the other platforms.

Why we love it: Trying to create graphics that fit into your social media content strategy shouldn’t be so hard, but it is! Changing dimensions are one thing, but then when you finally get a graphic to work and look nice, you view it on mobile and it’s wonky. Snappa’s templates show you precisely which areas will show on which device so you can make sure your graphics always look nice.

Which Program is the Best?

Although we use Canva for most of our design and graphics needs, we don’t believe that any one program is “better” than the others. The truth is, each program has valuable features that, when combined, can help you build out a strong visual content strategy for your direct sales business. So try them all. When is the best time to use each one for you?

How do You Know When to Use Which One?

  • When we want to create multiple versions of the same design without having to create different files or when we want to create a design that can be shared, such as a template, we use Canva.
  • When we want to create an animated design or a video, we use Design Wizard.
  • When we need something in a hurry and want to make sure it looks good across multiple devices without a lot of editing, we use Snappa.
  • When we need to create infographics or more complex designs for things outside of social media, we use Visme.

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