You've gotten a solid footing in your direct sales business. You're making good content, and have maybe started growing your small team. Things are going good. Until they're not. Maybe you've hit a wall and you haven't met any new customers lately, or someone left your team and you're going to miss your promotion. Think in that moment “When's the last time I did any follow up?”

Grow Your Direct Sales Team Faster with Followup

You've had an amazing party and you had a few people ask you quite a few questions in your “ask me anything” about your business, but they never ask you for your join link. And you never follow up with them to see if they wanted it. So you lost them, and maybe they'll join under someone else.

This is a step that most direct sellers skip over. They don't have a follow up system for their customers about joining your team. They may talk to someone but they've said “No” and they never go back again to talk to that person. 90% of the time when someone says No, its because the offer didn't come at the right time for them. If you never go back to ask again, you'll never know if the time is right.

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It doesn't have to be Fancy

A spreadsheet with their name, when the last time you spoke to them and a brief description about what you spoke about can be your tracker. You'll always know when you last spoke to them, and if you offered them to join that time or not. Nothing worse then asking the same question twice in a row without realizing it. It can turn people off completely.

Who goes on your tracker? People from your parties, people you meet at vendor events, people you meet online through your social content, people who have bought from you in other places. These all have a natural follow up system of checking in and making sure everything they've bought is up to standard.

Then you keep talking to them. Personally invite them to your next mystery hostess party in your group, or an online vendor event that you're going to be in. Keep them on a rotation. Get to know them, what they like about the products and if they have any questions about what its like joining your team with your company.

You'll talk to Person A who you've known for a while and have been to many of your parties in your group, or in person, and they've asked a few questions and are a maybe. Then you'll talk to Person B, someone who has just heard of your company and who has only been to one party held by you, and bought something to support their friend. These are going to be two completely different conversations, because these two people have very different knowledge about your company. The only way to keep track of who knows what is to write it down.

Don't Take No Personally

Just because they say “no” about joining your team, doesn't mean they're saying no to you as a person. They'll still want to support you, and be invited to your group things, if you've been doing it with follow up. You won't have to worry about coming off as spammy if you have a good follow up plan. You're not spamming them if you're naturally following up with them after they asked a bunch of questions in a recent party.

Don't be discouraged if they say no. Continue your follow up plan and ask again in a few months if they still show the same level of interest.

So, that you have visualized your team, defined your values, built up your confidence and you know you are a leader people will want to follow, and you know how you want to deliver your value to your new team members as they come on board, now it’s time to build a follow up system.

Keep the vision of your perfect team in the forefront of your mind, and continue too look for people who will be a good fit within your vision. You'll never know if they truly fit your vision unless you follow up with them often.


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