I had a client call this morning, and we were chatting about nature of how we (direct sellers, women, people…) tend to obsess over one negative review, while sort of ignoring the rave reviews of many. “Why don't they like me? What could I have done differently?” It could be a customer, a team member, a peer… that one lone voice will consume your thoughts and eat your soul if you let it.

I do this too, y'all. Every day. You can't build a big business, without collecting some haters along the way. You won't click with everyone. You are not everyone's brand of vodka. And that is OK. You have to make the conscious decision to not obsess over it, and not let it detract from your mission to move your business forward. {Sure Brenda, easier said than done.}

Let's say you have a team of 100 people. And 5 people are difficult, don't listen, don't play nice. Perhaps they leave your team page. You obsess over why! What could you have done differently! Then you have the other 95 people who are listening, learning, and inspired by your leadership. For every minute you're obsessing over the 5, you are ignoring the 95.

You have one bucket. And that bucket is being constantly filled by those who value your talents, and depleted by those who want to break you down. Keep your arrow pointed forward, and keep serving those who keep your bucket filled.

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