Many of us know people in our brands and outside of our brands that are spammy, arrogant, arguing or blocking people who disagree with them, shaming people’s brands or business methods, stealing or plagiarizing graphics or content, and generally perpetuating the negative perception of our overall industry that we are working so hard to change.

How to deal with Hate Comments

I prefer to lead with the presumption that everyone is my friend. And with that, how would you treat your friends? Kindly. Presuming good intentions. Offering value before asking for value. Allowing a spirited debate of opposing yet respectful viewpoints. Finding a learning moment or teaching opportunity. Seeking to maintain the relationship over gaining a customer. Because on the long view, a good relationship now can evolve into a customer, hostess, or team member later, or someone who is referable. But piss someone off or treat them poorly in the short term, and I guarantee they never will.

This is not always easy. But in the long view, you will feel better about yourself, your business, and your moral compass. And on social media where all we have are words on a screen and we are quick to jump to prejudgments, I challenge you to change the viewpoint and see if there is alternative outcome to “presume the friendship.” This is what attraction marketing is ultimately all about.

Do I leave the Hate Comments on the Post?

There are a few options here. 1) Delete the comment and DM the person in question, or 2) Hide the comment, if the platform let’s you do that, and DM the person in question. If they’re truly your friend you should be able to work it out with the above methods.

If they’re a stranger on the internet, I support blocking them. You need to reach new customers, not haters. Strangers on the internet will never change their minds. There are people that go out of their way to harass people who are a part of a Direct Sales company. They’re not wanting a friendly respectful debate. They’re out for blood.

I always say its better to protect your peace and your space. So even if the comment is left by a friend or a stranger, you can 100% delete the comment and protect your space. If you don’t want to bring it up to that person, that’s okay too.


Brenda Ster in a phone frame sitting at her desk with her phone in one hand with the words Dealing with hate comments is something that bein both online and in direct sales is something we have to deal with for the blog post How to deal with hate comments

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