A couple months ago I launched a new Social Content Calendar so you’d always know what to post on your social channels, eliminate overthinking, and create a consistent plan that had a great balance of personality, purposeful, and promotional content that would lead to great community engagement.

Everyone loved it, and many said “great, I can use this for my direct sales team group too!”


Managing a direct sales team can be a lot like managing a customer or prospect community. The goal is still to keep engagement high and keep the team motivated and active in their business.

How do you do this?

With a 3Ps focus on team personality, purposeful, and promotional value.

So I created a new calendar! This calendar is a calendar/list hybrid, and showcases both a calendar view to visualize what to post in your team group every day to keep your team motivated and a comprehensive list of ideas to build your own calendar depending on your team’s focus in any given month.

How to Use the Direct Sales Leadership Content Calendar

As you start building out your first month, follow this recommended process to build the 3Ps content mix that will best serve your team. This calendar presumes one post per day. You can obviously modify this as necessary to most more or less frequently.

In general, you have 30-31 days to fill each month. Broken down between the 3Ps, this is 10-11 posts of each type. This should be fairly easy to do, once you have a solid action plan.

Let’s get started.

  1. Enter the time-sensitive dates on your calendar first. These might include:
    • First of the month goal setting. (Purposeful)
    • First of the month birthday/anniversary recognition. (Personality)
    • Mid month goal check and motivation. (Purposeful/Promotional)
    • End of month goal check and last push. (Purposeful/Promotional)
    • Throughout month recognition. (Purposeful/Personality)
  2. Enter any major holidays.
    • Document any lead-up to those holidays, including company dates for promotional windows, catalog releases, or shipping cutoffs. (Purposeful/Promotional)
  3. Choose your overall theme for the month (examples: sales, follow-up, social growth, sponsoring, etc.)
    • Choose or create the purposeful or training tips that you’ll want to post each week that support your theme. This might include finding blog posts or articles you can share throughout the month to support your theme. (Purposeful)
    • Choose or create any motivational quotes that will support your theme. (Purposeful/Personality)
    • Create any engagement games that will keep your team having FUN that support your theme. (Personality)
  4. Schedule any dates that you, a guest speaker, or an upline or downline leader will go live in your team group to support your theme, answer live Q/A, share tips or coaching, or otherwise create engagement. (Purposeful/Personality)
  5. Evaluate how many blank days you have remaining, and continue to fill with personality and purposeful value that will keep your team checking in throughout the month. (Personality/Purposeful)

Creating a thriving team starts with strong content that drives engagement.

Most people who join a direct sales company are part-timers (or less) but will stay active for the other value they find in direct sales. This includes their team connection, friendships, recognition, or simply the fun social aspects.

You the leader can cultivate your team staying active because of all the social value found in your team Facebook community.

I’m excited to hear how this content calendar supports your goals!