Are you struggling to build your direct sales team?

Learning how to visualize your direct sales dream team could help!

I know, “visualizing isn’t really all that tactical—can you just tell me what to actually do??”

While this might not seem like a real step, this is probably one of the most important steps you can do. It’s this step that sets you up for success! This is the step that allows you to figure out what your direct sales dream team even is:

  • Will they be your best friends?
  • Will you be changing their lives?
  • Will you be able to confide in them about certain things?
  • Will they be as excited to show up to your team meetings as you are?
  • Will you all be having fun together??

Many direct sellers just skip right over the step because they’re so eager to start offering people the opportunity to join their team and they don’t even know what they want their team to look like.

If you don’t know what you are building, how do you know who to ask to help you build it? This is one of the things that feels so frustrating about direct sales companies: they want you to just start blindly inviting people over to the opportunity to sell something but they don’t allow you the chance to really discover what that opportunity looks like on your direct sales dream team.

It’s not all that bad… plenty of businesses launch and start before their founder really knew what it was they were trying to do. In fact, that’s exactly what happened with me and the Suite! One day I thought, hm, I’ll start a blog and a group and see if I can help a few members of my direct sales dream team stay motivated and reaching their goals and before I really knew what was happening I was filing for an LLC and a trademark and building an app!

What the heck happened??

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So if you haven’t already visualized your direct sales dream team yet, then don’t worry.

It’s never too late to do this step. Take some time now and think about what you want your dream team to look like.

  • What kinds of skills do they already possess?
  • What kind of personalities do you want them to be made of?
  • Is there a schedule you want them to hold onto?
  • Will they be mothers? Fathers? Both? Neither?

You might be thinking that anyone can join your team and that you don’t want to exclude anyone.

But remember, we’re not talking about excluding someone so much as we’re talking about who you like hanging out with.

Think about the type of teaching methods you use and then ask yourself who are the type of people most likely to benefit and learn from those teaching methods?

Of course, if anyone finds you and then later asks you if they can join your team, you’re not building a mean girls club and going to say no simply because I don’t wear pink on Wednesdays. You’ll let them in.

But what we are trying to avoid is how much time you’ll be spending and wasting by chasing after someone who wouldn’t want to be there and wouldn’t benefit from your teaching methods. And you definitely don’t want to build an entire team of people who won’t learn from you. Similar to how you need to know who your ideal client is in order to know how to build a customer base, you need to know who your ideal prospect is in order to build your direct sales dream team.

Also, think about some of the skills that your team will need.

Successful teams need to be able to lean on different members for different skills at different times. Maybe you will know where all the best resources are for business training, and then maybe someone else has more financial training that you could bring in. Maybe there is someone with some artistic skills who can come in. Maybe a copywriter can help.

By building a team with a diverse set of skills, you will be in a position to help your team grow much faster than anyone else. And you’ll be able to utilize and celebrate everyone’s unique skillsets to enhance the team further!

All because you took the time to visualize your direct sales dream team and the type of experience you want your team members to have as well as the type of team members you want to bring on board with your vision.

I mean, of all the steps you need to do to build your direct sales team (especially if you want to build your team fast) this one might not feel real, but it’s definitely the most imaginative and exciting!


Brenda Ster in a tablet frame sitting at her desk with her phone in her hands with the words Build you Direct Sales Team with this Exercise for the blog postHow to Visualize Your Direct Sales Dream Team

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