Lemme guess…

You jumped into your new direct sales business all excited because of all the things it was going to do for you, right?

The discounts on products you love, the friendships you could build, the idea of building your own business and being able to work from anywhere or even just having some money coming in on the side. And then that direct sales company said “go out and grow a team!”


And so you tried. And after all, why wouldn't everyone want to be a part of this company? The products are high quality, it filled with consultants who make you feel good about yourself and make you feel like you belong with them. They accept and love you for who you are. So it feels like a naturally positive environment that everyone would benefit from joining.

Except that wow—your upline (the person whose team you joined) made it look a whole lot easier than it really is, didn't they? And the second someone asked you “but why should I join your team?” You didn't really know what to say, did you?

How Your Mindset is Hurting Your Team Growth

Here's the thing: by not knowing the answer to that question, you're really hurting your team growth.

A lot of direct sellers start building their team before they even really understand why they’re building a team and before they really even feel like they’re in business for themselves yet. For many direct sellers, they are being asked to build a team before they’ve even received their starting kit, before they’ve even received any paperwork, and before they really know how to place an order for someone.

It’s hard to feel like much of a leader when you don’t really understand much about what you’re selling yet. So, before you can start building your team, you have to get yourself into the right mindset. And that means learning a little bit more about what you’re doing and about who you are as a leader.

In a previous blog post, defining your values, I asked you to think about the value of someone joining your team. Reread everything that you wrote about the type of leader you want to be and what those values are and what you want to offer your team. Read them over and over again until they sync into your mind, and then think about what it is you need to learn or what it is you need to have in order to embody those values.

The back office can be confusing to some consultants, do you want to be able to help them right away? Then start learning the back end of that website. Ask questions about the back office, and take note of what others are asking about in the different company and team groups. If you notice a trend, be one of the first to answer them and soon enough people will start tagging you in groups when they have a back office question. You'll quickly becomes your teams go-to for back office questions. Do you want to be the type of leader who comes up with innovative ideas for selling and marketing? Great! There are plenty of groups to join and people to follow about marketing. Follow along with other companies, like boutiques, make up brands, and hair salons, and watch what they're doing. See if you can copy it, and make it your own. How could you take some of those other marketing methods and use them in your own direct sales company?

Don't be afraid to fail. Try out the marketing ideas you see, and actually do them. If they fail, that's okay. Try it again after tweaking it. Try it multiple times before setting it aside to try again later. Maybe the time isn't right for that idea.

Are you wanting to give the most up to date information from Facebook, and any of the changes that will directly impact your teams ability to run their business? There are plenty people to follow on Facebook to share the most up to date Facebook news. One I recommend Mari Smith. She and her team are always on top of the changes in the Metaverse, and will post about any changes. Find others like Mari, and be the Social Media Guru for team.

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No One Expects You to Have it all Done Right Now

The mindset piece that is most important, is to not put undue pressure on yourself. You're out there gathering information, testing marketing strategies, and learning more about your business, and the team you want to build. Remember that you are building. No one expects you have to have it done in one day. You're putting the pieces in place now that will last your team for while. Your team will grow to the one you want it to be, and all that work in the beginning will pay off.

If you get into your head about how you do not have all the resources ready, or how your team doesn't look like its “supposed” too, then you'll freeze. You're in the middle of building your team, your vision. No ones else expects it from you, and you shouldn't expect from yourself.

The only way you fail, here, is if you stop building. As long as you are building, then everything is going to plan. And as long as you are working to embody the values from number two, then you are a leader worth following. And people will follow you.

It’s all about being authentic and remembering that you are in process. Eventually you'll look at what you built and realize you have a solid foundation for your new team members.


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