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Looking for some last-minute marketing ideas for Shark Week?

That's Right!

Shark week is here!!

For the past three decades, the Discovery Channel has awed and intrigued its viewers with tales of survivors and slow-motion great whites. What's more, the Discovery Channel is estimating that this week's feeding frenzy will bring in more than $18 million in related retail sales. So it's no wonder small businesses everywhere are hoping to get back into the water with some marketing ideas for Shark Week. And why wouldn't they? Being able to hop onto a trending topic and relate it back to your brand is a great way to stay relevant even when your clients are off celebrating other things.

Here is a list of marketing ideas for shark week that won't take a whole lot of time for you to set up, so you can slip them in at the last minute and look like you had them planned the whole time.

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5 Last Minute Marketing Ideas for Shark Week

1. Mystery Goodie Bags

With Shark Week being such a large phenomenon every year, it doesn't take much time to find shark-related items to stick into some goodie bags for your customers. Put together several mystery bags with your products and include any shark-related items that you might pick up from your local Walmart, Target, Dollar Store, or grocery store. Your customers will love the mystery of the bags and the fun of the little gifts inside. And they don't have to be big: notepads, pens, stickers… you just have to make sure to get items that your customers will love.

2. Get Creative with your Photos

Take fun photos or learn to edit them. Everything from painted nails taking a bite out of some fruit to a hand-crafted afghan sneaking up on your leggings will get the attention of your shark-loving customers.

3. Start Rhyming

Roses are red,
Sharks have sharp teeth
You won't want to miss this,
They'll be here all week!

(Okay, we didn't say it had to be a good poem… but it'll certainly catch attention!! Bonus points if you can write one and incorporate any of your products or your business name into it.)

4. Shark Facts and Trivia

Do your customers and group members love trivia? Post a series of trivia questions related to sharks — build up your engagement using this trending topic and watch your community have fun at the same time.

5. Go EPIC

Think you can throw together an online party at the last minute? This one will be easy — shark themed. Use trivia questions, shark photos, and shark-related products to put together an EPIC party your customers will love.

Bonus Idea Number 6!

Take inspiration from Google and temporarily revamp your logo to incorporate a shark. Be tasteful about it, there's no need to pretend you've been eaten by a shark. But a clever replacement can be done quickly using a tool like PicMonkey, or Canva.


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