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Wondering what will make good lead magnets for direct sales and how to use them?

Read on!

After you joined your direct sales company, you probably learned pretty quick that you had to learn more than just how to use your back office and place orders: you would need to learn how to grab the attention of new customers to get them coming over to join your group and eventually buy from you. Email marketing for direct sales is the best organic strategy you can build into your business plans.

What are lead magnets?

Lead magnets are a marketing tool that allows you to collect information on your ideal customers in exchange for something of value. The clue is in the name: lead magnet: something that draws a customer to you and compels them to climb further into your funnel.

Examples of Lead Magnets for Direct Sales

What kinds of things can you use as a lead magnet? Here’s a list of ideas to get you started!

  1. Guides or eBooks: Is your ideal client out to learn some new skill that will make their life (or their business) easier? Then putting together a guide or eBook that can help them do that may be just the ticket.
  2. Email course: eCourses make for great lead magnets because they’re easy to put together and help train your audience to start opening your emails. Plus, unlike the guides or eBooks, eCourses can be broken down into smaller tidbits which can make it easier for people to crawl through.
  3. Content upgrades: are you already blogging for direct sales? If so, then putting together content upgrades can be a great lead magnet for growing your email list. Content upgrades might include audio versions people can download of your blog posts, pdf versions, or even extra tips above and beyond what you’ve written.
  4. Checklists: Do you have a routine put together that helps you do something related to your products? Your routine can help simplify and describe a system your audience can use to make your products even better.
  5. Quizzes: Everyone wants to know what their choices say about their personality – why not put that all together into a shareable quiz? And the best part? Quizzes are super easy to put together. In fact, you can get started for free over at TryInteract.
  6. Calendars and Planners: Calendars and planners are super easy to put together and, once you put it together, you almost never need to do it again – just tweak it a bit every year! What kind of calendars? The sky’s the limit – weekly schedule, yearly prompts, monthly prompts. You name it – if your ideal client needs some sort of daily tip or prompt, then a calendar or planner may be the right answer.
  7. Templates: Do you have a script or a messenger series that you have been using and perfecting for a long time and have gotten it honed to its most effective? Maybe it’s time to turn it into a template and help give someone a leg-up by helping them skip the trial-and-error a bit.
  8. Discounts and Special Offers: Of course, never underestimate the power of a good, old-fashioned promise of a discount or special offer. Your options for this one will vary depending on your company’s policies, but some good ideas usually include a small percentage off their first order or free shipping.

Where can you set up your lead magnets?

You may be limited a bit, depending on your company’s policies and your overall audience size: but you can set up your lead magnets for direct sales wherever you can find your ideal client:

  • Use the questions for entering your group on Facebook to ask people if they would like your lead magnet.
  • Share on your Facebook page, Facebook group, or Instagram feed
  • Publish to Pinterest
  • Add it to your blog
  • Grab a mobile page builder like Tap Bio or TapLink and add it straight to there, then keep those links on your social profiles.
  • Add it to your blog

How do you send out the lead magnets?

As you may have guessed, the lead magnets are building your email list, so it just makes sense to use email to deliver them to your ideal clients once they’ve signed up for them.

Now, you could try to handle it all manually, which would be completely free. But then, let’s face it, you’re going to spend so much time monitoring your forms and sending out your emails that you won’t have much time for anything else. The best thing to do will be to find a platform that allows you to build a strong strategy for email marketing for direct sales that includes landing pages, forms, segments, and (most importantly) automations.

Set up your forms and landing pages as necessary depending on the type of lead magnet you want to put together for your ideal client. Then put together and write a short series of emails that you can set up to send those lead magnets out to people and nurture them into signing up for more.

Other considerations for using lead magnets for direct sales:

Make sure you are reading up on and following the law for privacy, data handling, and compliance for people signing up to your email list. Remember, the laws you need to follow depend on where your ideal client is signing up from, not your area. The different laws can be a bit confusing, so your best bet is to read up on the most strict (GDPR) and follow that one across the board.

Besides national and international privacy laws, you’ll want to make sure you are staying compliant with your direct sales company’s policies for marketing. It’s not worth risking getting shut down because of a mistake or a misunderstanding of what’s allowed and what’s not. The good news is, most companies have clear policies spelled out for what you can include in your marketing, so you shouldn’t have to struggle here.

Make sure you watch those analytics and insights! If you seem to be sending out a lot of lead magnets, but your email list is still growing slowly or you are struggling to bring them in deeper after the lead magnet, reevaluate your email series to see if you are losing people anywhere. Sometimes even minor tweaks to an email can have a huge effect.


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