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When it comes to social media marketing strategy, Instagram is a powerhouse channel. It’s currently sitting pretty with nearly a billion registered users (over half of whom use the app daily) and boasts the highest engagement rates of all social media channels. And, thanks to Instagram’s “one link to rule them all” policy, it’s been relatively clear of spam and icky, pushy posts. However, those spammy posts have been replaced with another problem. Those three little words everyone hates to type into their Instagram captions: Link in bio.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Thanks to Instagram’s ‘one link to rule them all’ policy, that channel has been relatively clear of spam and icky, pushy posts.” quote=”Thanks to Instagram’s ‘one link to rule them all’ policy, that channel has been relatively clear of spam and icky, pushy posts.” theme=”style1″]

“Link in Bio” — Those three little words have sent many a marketer, influencer, and small business owner into a frenzy about how to maximize the one link. Keeping it to a static offer, such as a free book or coupon, means never really being able to talk about anything else you might offer. And linking it to the main site, such as your blog, means leaving your audience without direction to find what it is they need. You both have to hope that once they click on that link and get to your website, that they can find the article, blog post, special offer, or recipe that they were tapping to get.

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Link in Bio has also launched several new companies eager to solve the one-link problem.

One of our favorites is Tap Bio, a mini-landing page builder meant to bring life to your one link. Tap Bio answers all your linking needs with a robust system meant to help you generate an audience experience they’ll enjoy.

Once you connect your account to Tap Bio, your customizable content will be available through a single link shown on your profile:

Without a doubt, the Instagram Card is the most powerful card available — and it’s available for every account (even the free account!). With the Instagram card, every Instagram post that includes a link in the caption will automagically get pulled into view. So now, when you type into your caption “Link In Bio,” all your reader has to do is find the matching image and they will be able to follow through with just one tap to get to whatever product or service you’ve just raved about.

If you forget to add the link to your Instagram caption, or if you don’t want to clutter your Instagram captions up with links, you can also manually add in links. Just click on the Instagram Card, then Edit Card, find the post you want to link, and enter in the information. This makes it super easy to add links to your past posts, too. You can also change the links to anything you want, should you go through a rebranding, move the page, or revamp your website.

Of course, any marketing expert will tell you that the more options you show your readers, the less likely they will be to click on many of them. Readers simply don’t like to go back and click on more than one link. Tap Bio answers this by including the option to create single cards with a simple call to action that you can link to anywhere. And editing the cards couldn’t be easier.

Simply log into your Tap Bio account, find the card you want to edit, and you can highlight the text to make your changes. You can also edit the button and the link. Make sure you tap on Save to save your changes. And the changes will be made available immediately.

Adding a new card to your Tap Bio is also easy. Tap Bio has several templates available (free accounts have some restrictions on how many cards you can use). To add a new card, simply click on the + button, choose the card you want to add, and then follow the instructions to fill out your information. Once it’s all filled out the way you like it, click on Done to save your changes and you’ll see your new card added to your Tap Bio account in the front.

Don’t want that new card to be the first thing your audience sees when they tap on your link in bio? No problem. You can rearrange your cards at any time by tapping on the Tap Bio button to go to All Cards, then tap and hold on the end of the card you want to move. Simply drag and drop your cards into the order you want to see them in, and Tap Bio will automatically save your changes. Click on Back to see the changes.

You can rearrange your cards to place the current promotions near the beginning, or help your audience take a journey with you.

And if you happen to have more than one Instagram account for any reason, Tap Bio makes it easy to switch between them all. The number of accounts you can connect to your Tap Bio account depends on which plan you choose when you sign up (free accounts are allowed one Instagram account).

It really couldn’t get any easier to manage that “Link in bio” and make it finally work for you. Talk about anything you like, promote more than one product or service, link to your affiliations or partners — all without losing your audience.

Are you ready to try Tap Bio? Sign up and see how easy it is to use!! Then come back and tell us how their amazing service has helped you level up your Instagram game.


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