We talk about brand loyalty a lot… people who will only ever buy one specific brand of a particular product. And we hope that when our customers are faced with different options on where they can purchase that product or a similar product, that they will come back to us…

Because loyalty.

Because we happen to sell their favorite clothes, their favorite lipstick, or even their favorite bath bombs.

We tend to hope that at the end of the day, no matter what’s going on or how many different stores and online shops over on Etsy are selling the same hand-sewn children’s clothing, they they will come back to us the next time their little one needs a new dress.

Brand loyalty — true brand loyalty — is more than simply remembering your name the next time your customer needs something. Customers don’t do that. It’s not their job.

Now, think about why people come to social media. Relationships, entertainment, and utility. Relationships = community and a sense of belonging. (You like me, you really like me!!)

Are you creating a sense of community within your VIP group? A safe place where people can be themselves, hang out with their friends and oh, maybe also learn about your product? When you put the sense of community first, you’re leading with value and creating relationships that run far deeper than the thing you sell.

If you’re already doing that, awesome, but why not go deeper and create a challenge or an accountability thread for something your community would love? Maybe a book club, healthy eating/water/exercise challenge, journaling, photography…

Something fun that’s driven by what your community is interested in, and not what you sell!

Because when you love on your community, they will love you back! Even if they move into another community, even if they make new friends who are building similar communities.