How to Get a Headstart on your New Direct Sales Business in just 1 Hour

(without breaking the bank or spamming your friends, because… eww.)

FIVE Secrets to FAST Results

Let me ask you a question...

Are you happy with your sales lately? Are you satisfied with the growth of your page or group?

Maybe you’ve asked yourself “why can’t I grow my group? Why can’t I seem to get any sales? Why can’t I just get this business off the ground?”

What if I told you there was one course that could help you get out of that slump?

And it was FREE?!

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Imagine This...

Imagine being able to create a post in the morning and seeing people pour into your group the same afternoon? What if suddenly you were able to start seeing engagement on your posts? What if you could attract new customers to your group without spamming and scamming your family and friends?

Hi! Brenda Ster here. I’m a social marketing strategist who has helped thousands of direct sellers kickstart their direct sales business online through my blog, my workbooks, private coaching, corporate training, and online video courses. A few years ago I said goodbye to my cushy corporate job and launched into direct sales. Since that time, I’ve gone on to build The Elite Suite, a premium membership dedicated to helping you make more money in direct sales. Now my mission is to empower direct sellers to build the businesses and lives of their dreams.

So listen, you’re sitting at your computer, or maybe on your phone, and you’re reading this today for a reason. You want more out of your business. And you’re not crazy, you’ve seen others do it. And you know that IT IS possible to turn your dreams into reality, build a business you love, and make consistent sales month after month. So let me ask you… does that sound like something you’d want to start to take action on? Because right now you have the chance to grab the program that shows you exactly how.”

Introducing The Elite Suite Quick Start

The five-step masterclass designed to help you get your new business off the ground fast.

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Here’s Everything You’ll Learn in This Free 1-Hour Masterclass:

  • Lesson 1 – Launch (or Re-Launch) your Business: setting up your launch party, marketing and inviting guests, and how to handle follow-up for your first party-goers.
  • Lesson 2 – Make your Next $100 Online: setting your sales goal and evaluating the right sales channels to reach it.
  • Lesson 3 – Book and Hold your Next Party: put together your next party and learn how to coach your hostess to success.
  • Lesson 4 – Gain 50 New Followers on Facebook: learn how to target and attract your next 50 page followers or group members on Facebook.
  • Lesson 5 – Sponsor your Next Team Member: learn how to spot and invite your next team member with the “phrase that pays.”
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Can You Really Get Results from a Free Masterclass?

How do I know the Elite Suite Quick Start will help you get your direct sales business off the ground? Because it’s already helped thousands of other direct sellers do just that:

Who Am I?

Hi! I’m Brenda Ster

I have helped thousands of direct sellers build, grow, and scale their communities and sales using social media.

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I’ve Been There

I started in direct sales the same way as everyone else: with no followers. And I became the number one sponsor for my company in 6 months by leading with value and using attraction-based methods that didn’t reek of spam.

I Didn’t Always Know Better

I struggled just like everyone else at first to find my footing and see where I could stand out. I’ve perfected my system to help make sure everyone could adopt it and produce results quickly.

It Works

Thousands of direct sellers have come through my QuickStart course, building their sales, their groups, and their teams along the way.

Picture This:

What would it mean for your business if you could relaunch your business, make your next $100, gain 50 followers, book a party, and sponsor a new team member all in just one week?

You Can With The Elite Suite Quick Start

The five-step masterclass designed to help you get your new business off the ground fast.

Quickstart Masterclass Computer mockup and worksheet simulation

Five Lessons to Help you Jumpstart your Direct Sales Business

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