Whoa – game changer, you guys.  Posting to Instagram from your computer!

One of the challenges of Instagram, has always been that you could only post from the mobile app.  NOT ANYMORE!  For those of us on our laptops all day long, this method of posting to Instagram from your computer will make life so much easier.  No more sending yourself your daily images, saving to your camera roll…  Follow these instructions and let’s do this!

Setup notes:  I am doing this from a MacBook Pro laptop, using Google Chrome web browser.  This tutorial will be shown using Chrome.  If you use other browsers, check your browser extension options to see if there is a comparable mobile emulator.

  1.  Go to the Google Chrome Web Store, and search for Mobile Browser Emulator.  Install this extension to your browser.
Use Instagram from computer

2.  Once the mobile emulator is installed, it will add a little red “M” to the upper right of your browser window.  Now, open a new window on your computer, and navigate to Instagram.com.  Be sure you are ON the window that you want to “emulate” in the mobile experience, as that is the window that will be opened in #3.

3.  Click on the “M” (the mobile emulator extension you just installed) in the upper right corner of your browser and it will show you a box of options, to bring up various “mobile screen sizes.”  These correspond to the various screen sizes of popular mobile devices.  Choose your device.  (I have an iPhone 7, but there isn’t an option for that.  So I chose iPhone 6.  Since we’re posting square images to Instagram, I don’t think the mobile screen size is hugely relevant.)

Using Instagram from Computer 2

4.  It will then open up your last active window, in the mobile emulator.  (This is why you need to be on Instagram.com, as mentioned back in #2.)  Login to your Instagram account.

Using Instagram from computer

5.  You will now see your regular Instagram feed.  And at the bottom?  The “Post a Photo” button!  Hooray!  It looks just like the mobile app!

Use Instagram from computer

6.  Proceed through the normal steps to choose your image, add your written copy, and post.  Bam – done.  Seriously, it’s that easy.  You just posted to Instagram from your computer, and didn’t touch your phone even once!

Now that you’re a techno-wizard, come on over and follow me on Instagram!  Looking for even more social tips?  Come join the Socialite Suite on Facebook, over 80,000 direct sellers working on social strategies for their own business, in a 100% spam-free community.  Tell me in the comments below – are you loving this?  So easy, am I right?!


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