I’m in a lot of Facebook groups, y’all. Like stupid ridiculous number of groups. And in so many groups, it’s people talking past each other, trying to get their point across, trying to prove they’re right. So many people defending their way as the best way, only way, shaming others for opinions or ideas. So many hearing but not listening.

Direct sales, network marketing, solopreneurship isn’t an “OR” proposition. It’s an “AND” proposition.

It isn’t your way OR my way. It isn’t this OR that method, this OR that tool. There isn’t one right answer, one right tool, one right method, one right brand.

I would challenge everyone to look for the AND. “Here’s how I do it, AND here are some ways to improve it based on what you’ve shared.” “Here’s a tool I use, AND look – other tool ideas that might do the same or better.” “Wow – I sell {brand X}, but your brand offers lots of great insights and training. AND I can apply some of those ideas.”

AND builds inclusivity. AND helps build community. AND is how we all get better.


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