Business & Social Strategy Assessment


Does your business strategy have what it needs to deliver on your goals? Use these assessments to expand and grow your business in a way that is both smart and strategic.  Sassy Suite’s Business and Social Strategy Assessment pack includes:

Downloadable/printable Social Marketing Strategy Assessment (5 pages in PDF format) that will help you evaluate your competency in key social marketing process areas and as a guide to developing your overall social strategy and personal development plan.  The complete assessment covers key focus areas including:

  • Overall Strategy & Branding
  • Funnel Review
  • Social Applications
  • Social Monetization

Downloadable/printable Business Assessment (5 pages in PDF format) to evaluate your overall competency in key business process areas.  Once complete, use this guide as a springboard to developing your overall business strategy and goals.  This multi-page printable covers key focus areas including:

  • Aspects of Personal Business including organizational and time management, lead management and sales management and follow-up management.
  • Aspects of Leadership & Vision including goal setting, vision, leadership strategy, online culture and communication.


Sassy Suite digital downloads/printable documents come with the following specific license terms. Please review in full prior to purchase, creation or publication.


All Sassy Suite printable documents and worksheets include the following licensing terms.

YOU MAY – use the digital document/printable for personal development.

YOU MAY NOT – distribute, giveaway, share or sell this printable digital download to anyone, under any circumstance.  This includes but it not limited to your own team, clients, friends, family. You may not edit, alter, manipulate, colorize, or in any other way use this document for commercial, business for self-promotion such as for social media, marketing, branding, or blogging.


Sassy Suite LLC retains licensed ownership of digital downloads/printable documents and will continue to sell them through public social and marketing channels.

Failure to accept license terms may results in removal from business Facebook groups, or legal action up to and including copyright infringement or loss of revenue associated with monetization pursuant to jurisdiction in the US State of Arizona.

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Does your personal business strategy have what it needs to deliver on your goals? Have you optimized funnel and monetization strategies?

Use this ten page downloadable self assessment as a guide to expand and grow your business in a way that is both smart and strategic.

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