Join other entrepreneurs who have already joined the #PaintTheSuiteGreen VIP Experience! Learn how to run a Community Instagram Challenge that’ll turn followers into Customers! 


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Here is what is included in the

#PaintTheSuiteGreen VIP Experience…

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Private Facebook Group + Workbook

This Exclusive VIP-only Facebook group is to help connect you with other challenge participants and get you challenge resources all in one spot!

Bonus: All of the Coaching Sessions will be held in this group for replay access!

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4 Live Coaching Sessions

These LIVE coaching sessions with me will have you cruising Instagram and holding your challenge with easy and grace! You will learn the secrets to a successful challenge and get a behind-the-scenes play-by-play on how the Suite does it for our community!

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Canva Templates

You will be ready to set up your own Community Challenges with these Canva Templates. I provide you with Instagram Stories and Post Templates you can customize with your own branding. You’ll also get access to a Challenge Template you can use in your own community.

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Networking Opportunities

Join other VIP’s and direct sellers on Instagram.

This Challenge is an opportunity to network, engage, and partner with others who are building community and challenge strategies ON Instagram.

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Learn how to build your own Community Challenge…

The #PaintTheSuiteGreen VIP Experience

If you’ve ever wondered how to run a fun challenge that will grow your group and engage your followers, but never knew where to start and didn’t have the time to throw it all together, then you’re in the right place! This exclusive VIP experience will help you learn how to run a challenge for your community just like this.

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"I did this last year as a complete newbie who has just joined Elite. It was really fun and I got lots of engagement. My community really debated..."

Martha Barnett

"This will be my second year participating and each time I have discovered and connected with new people! It's such a fun and engaging day, and it's great to see people's creativity shine and be recognized"

Aline Lyra

"This is my second year participating. I had just started with The Elite Suite and was new to graphics... So much fun and engagement. My IG finally took off with followers. I did it scared and it paid off. I'm so excited for this year!!"

Lynn Nelson


"I love this event because it helps me FIND other Elite members on IG! Last year’s was the beginning of many long-term friendships for me! ❤️"

Suzy Goodwin

Who am I?

My name is Brenda Ster.

I have helped thousands of direct sellers build, grow, and scale their communities and sale using social media. 

I’ve been there. 

I’ve started in direct sales the same way as everyone else; with no followers. And I built a community from an empty room of 0 people to 100,000 highly engaged direct sellers using mostly free challenges in under 3 years. 

I didn’t always know better…

My first challenges were a hot mess. I’ve perfected my system to help make sure everyone gets to participate and the posts continue gaining engagement all day long. 

It’s proven and works. 

Thousand of direct sellers have participated in my challenges and have built their following and sales along the way. 

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Join Today And You’ll Get:

  • Exclusive VIP-only pop-up group on Facebook! ($97 value)

  • 4 LIVE coaching sessions with me, so you can learn the secrets to a successful challenge AND deconstruct how the Suite creates our challenge. ($297 value each)

  • VIP Workbook so you can brainstorm and plan your own epic Instagram community challenge – including a challenge checklist. ($47 value)

  • Exclusive challenge-related Canva templates so you can get your challenge set up and running fast! ($97 value)

  • Exclusive VIP Experience hashtag to use during the challenge.

  • Opportunity to network, engage and partner with others who are building community and challenge strategies ON Instagram!  (Priceless!)

Total Value: $1,159

No thank you, I don’t want to upgrade right now.

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