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I talk about blogging often in The Elite Suite. I talk about the reasons every direct seller needs a blog…about as much as I talk about needing to build your own email list.

You can make the leap from direct seller to blogger, it just feels like a really big first step.

Blogging itself isn’t terribly hard (especially if you have some help with the techy stuff) and it can make a huge difference in your direct sales business.

Five reasons every direct seller needs a blog

1. Rise to the Top

Blogging takes time and resources, so not everyone does it (and even fewer do it well). There may be thousands of consultants who sell what you sell. Everyone has a replicated website, everyone has a Facebook page, but not everyone has a blog. Blogging is at the top of the social media pyramid. And the top has the best views!

Its also easily shareable. You don't need an account to read and consume the content of a blog. A simple link can be sent in a text, off in an email, or posted on other social media platforms in a blink of an eye.

2. Get off Facebook

I love Facebook as much as the next girl (maybe even a little more than the average bear). But, I don’t own Facebook. I don’t control Facebook. I can’t tell Facebook what content to show my fans or control the way Facebook looks. As a small business owner, you can’t rely on Facebook to be the only way you find new customers or connect with existing customers.

It’s too much of a risk to rely solely on a platform over which you have zero control. If Facebook was gone tomorrow would you still have a business? Would you still have a way to contact your customers and have a place for them to gather with you?

And, believe it or not, some people actually aren’t on Facebook. (Crazy, right? But, it’s true!)

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3. It’s 100% You

When you create a blog it is 100% you: your color scheme, your fonts, your voice, your personality. There’s no better way to showcase the 3P’s of social content. A blog allows you to be completely authentic and showcase content that appeals to your ideal client.

No one wants to see the same content posted by different people with the same images. They want to see real people using the products they're interested in. They want to see real life. A blog will give you a place to do that.

4. Expanded Presence

Google has a serious crush on blogs. By blogging, new customers can find you (instead of you having to find them). When you write about trending topics and have good SEO, new customers will find you. By including a call to action in your post, you can funnel the reader to your community or opportunity group.

Google is the invisible funnel step in many peoples funnel. Its the place a lot of people start when looking for an answer to a question, a solution to a problem, and when they type in their question they expect there to be answers.

5. Become an Authority

People are already going to Google to learn about your product. “How do I,” “what is…” Answer those questions and people will see you as an authority. Think about it, you’ve probably done the same thing and found one or two people who are answering all of your questions. You could be that person for someone new who is out there looking for answers to questions they have about your products.

Why are Blogs Important to Customers?

A blog shows customers or your audience that you are a trusted source, like we talked about above. You become a trusted source popping up in the Google searches of your ideal client. If you're constantly there where they're searching, you'll quickly become a voice of authority. There is no better way to become an authority on a topic then to be seen where the authorities are.

You'll give them the answers to their questions, and you'll keep showing up in their searches when they have even more questions, and they'll then start actively seeking you out first, and contacting you directly, buying from you, or even joining your team.

Does Blogging Increase Sales?

There's a saying that says that someone needs to see a product 6 or 7 times before deciding that they need the product. Where will they get to know you if they're not in your Facebook group? On your blog. When you keep popping up in peoples Google searches, you're more likely to get their sale as they began to get to know you, like you, and trust you as an authority in this product.

Blogging isn’t hard. It’s incredibly rewarding. But it can be overwhelming to get started.


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