I continue to firmly believe that those who focus on relationship-building will continue to be most successful in business – whether that business is selling a direct sales brand, houses in a local area, a craft on Etsy, or professional services or knowledge delivered online (such as a blogger). This means respecting the relationship first, and the sale second. It means telling someone “no, that isn't the right purchase for you now, and here's why.” It means not adding someone to groups without their consent, sending mass messages that treat someone like a nameless face in a crowd, or spamming someone's newsfeed.

These three wonderful examples happened in the last 24 hours.

Someone here in the Suite joined a new company, and is super excited about her future journey. She doesn't have product yet, isn't setup yet, but is making connections now in preparation for her future launch. We were conversational, personal, and engaging. She shared her excitement with me, and I could feel her “why” through her message. She shared two products from her catalog that she thought I would love. And she's right… When she does launch, I fully expect an invitation.

Someone here in the Suite is hosting an online party. She also learned of this brand here in the Suite, and blames me for her addiction. She wrote me a very personal private message, thanking me for her new addiction, inviting me to her online party. It was personalized, funny, and endearing. It definitely took her time to thoughtfully compose. I responded, attended, and purchased.

Someone here in the Suite was brave and sent me a very personalized message about her business, because she knows I love direct sales products and companies, and am always looking for a good value. The timing isn't right for me to kitnap, but I will remember her personal message, and the reason she thought I would love her product. She will stand out to me now, and down the road when someone mentions her brand, she is who I will most definitely think of.

What makes them each unique? They value me as a friend before a customer or team member. Each felt authentic, playful, and intimate. I knew they were speaking only to me – not to 1000 of their other online best friends.

I challenge you to reflect on your communication processes. Do you feel like you are friends with your community? Or are you more worried about chasing the next sale? If the former, it shows. If the latter, it also shows.

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