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SassyCon was started in 2017 to be the only social media marketing conference designed especially for direct sellers.

No matter what brand or direct sales company you sell for, the value and training we bring to you every year is designed to help inspire and encourage you as you learn social marketing skills, motivate you, and help you develop a plan to implement these new skills into your business. Here's a recap of all the information, training, and special events from SassyCon 2018.

Day One of the SassyCon social media marketing conference for direct sellers focused on standing out as a small business owner – away from the crowd. Bringing personality into your social media marketing strategy and using that to define your voice.

SassyCon2018 Recap: The Social Media Marketing Conference Especially for Direct Sellers

1. Early Morning Yoga

Sassy Suite kicked off with a little “Suite Health” — an early morning yoga session. Suite Health was our motto to remind direct sales consultants who run themselves ragged while trying to run a small business to fit self-care into their business routine.

2. Opening Remarks

Brenda Ster, founder of Sassy Suite, kicked off Friday's general session with a reminder about what it means to be a leader in the direct sales industry. Leadership is influence, we are each masterpieces, and we each have a unique voice to carry our message into this industry and the world around it. Her opening remarks helped to set the stage for the inspiration and motivation to come through the rest of the weekend.

3. Keynote Speaker: Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

Award-winning author and illustrator Michelle Nelson-Schmidt took the stage next to give an important reminder: get out and do you. The world is going to throw obstacles in your path — and each one will try to derail you and force you to choose a new path. It's never too late to look at your life and decide whether or not you're doing what you want to do, what fuels your passion. Be true to yourself, first and foremost, and you'll see more opportunities begin to open up for you.

4. Windy Lawson: What the Funnel?

Windy Lawson spoke about funnel strategy. She demonstrated how to determine which channels to include in your funnel, how to link them together, and the importance of building a funnel strategy into your marketing plan for direct sales.

5. Fabiola Landa

Social Media Marketing executive at PicMonkey, Fabiola Landa, spoke about the importance of personal branding and bringing your personality out in your graphic design to carry through your entire online presence. She described how consumers come to know consultants through their visual branding, and how to use visual branding components to build a narrative across social media.

6. Kari Driskell

Kari Driskel, of Driskotech, rounded out day one of SassyCon by discussing the importance of including video in your social media marketing strategy. In her own words: “Everyone goes live. No one edits.” A well-rounded video strategy should include both consistent live video streaming couples with strategically edited videos that build engagement and help your followers connect with you.

Day Two of this year's SassyCon social media marketing conference shifted the focus over to more tactical strategies to help direct sellers develop systems to run their businesses more smoothly.

7. Day Two Opening Remarks

Brenda Ster kicked off Day Two with a quick recap of Day One's activities. She reiterated the importance of finding yourself, building your personality into your branding, and learning to stand out from the crowd. Brenda also discussed the importance of growth mindset in business.

8. Melanie Moore

Melanie Moore, of CinchShare, took the stage to talk about strategies and tactics for time management. She discussed several strategies to keep our to-do lists always moving forward.

9. Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher

Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher, cofounder of FIITFU, spoke about the importance of follow up in direct sales. She discussed strategies for setting up a system that made follow up easier, more thoughtful, and based on cultivating a relationship with your customer.

10. Windy Lawson

Windy Lawson spoke on goal setting. More specifically, she talked about how to take the entrepreneurial, lofty goals of “I want to help people” and format them into SMART goals to give direct sellers something tangible they can work toward and achieve. She also discussed mistakes many direct sellers make when setting their goals and how to avoid those mistakes in the future.

11. Hope Hanson-Baker

Hope Hanson-Baker spoke to us about using vision boards to help give our goals life. She described how to build a vision board, where to place it for maximum effectiveness, and how to use it within your business strategy to always keep moving forward.

12. Heather Hall

Rounding out Day Two is Heather Hall of Second-Serving Leadership discussed team leadership in direct sales. She talked about how to set up a team culture that embodied the abundance mindset.

13. Invitation-Only Breakfast and Discussion Panel

While SassyCon 2018 officially ended on Saturday, June 2, we hosted a special invitation-only breakfast and discussion panel on Sunday, June 3. Attendees were invited to eat breakfast together in the conference center. Then, Brenda Ster walked the audience taking questions while Windy Lawson, long-time blogger Tammy Rose-Townsend, and blogger and social media analyst Naomi Nakashima took the stage and answered those questions live.


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