Are you struggling to sponsor more team members?

You might think that it would be easier if you knew more people, but the truth is even for the most outgoing people with the biggest circle of friends, trying to sponsor more team members can feel like a never-ending battle.

So how can you grow your team?

Well, to start, take a few minutes to visualize your direct sales dream team.

After that, the next step is to define your value.

I know what you're thinking: that's easy! How much does the starter kit cost!?

A lot of new direct sales consultants think of the word value and they immediately think of the cost or the price of the starter kit that you get when joining a direct sales company or they think of the cost to join a membership or the cost of a website or even how many sales you get every single month. But we’re not talking about a dollar amount when we’re talking about value.

What we are talking about is your acumen for training.

You can sponsor more team members by being able to answer questions like:

  • How much help can you give them to achieve their goals and succeed?
  • How good are you at finding the resources they need to achieve their goals?
  • How many tools have you gathered or created that can help them overcome certain obstacles?
  • How many skills do you have that you are able to teach?
  • What types of skills do other people have on your team that they can teach to new members?

Take a few minutes to really think about what you are offering someone: not what your company is offering them, not the chance to start their own business. But what you as a leader are offering to a potential team member. Is there something you’re offering that other leaders are not offering (either because they can't or because they haven't thought of it yet)? Is there something you’re offering that maybe no other leader is offering right now?

And now you might be overthinking a bit and saying “but what can I offer? I'm still new at this whole direct sales thing, too! I don't have anything to offer!”

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But I promise you—you do.

You've probably heard me talk about your personal branding or your unique sales proposition, right? Where you are defining the value you're offering to your customers separate from the price and cost of the merchandise they are buying.

This is the same thing but instead of customers we're talking about team members and instead of merchandise we're talking about your experience, so far, with the company and with building your direct sales business.

And it doesn’t have to be anything complex. It can be something as simple as being able to break down complex topics into easy to understand ideas. Have you ever read the terms of service that come with joining your company? There are a lot of new direct sellers out there who don’t know how to even start to understand what’s expected of them.

You could be the leader that helps break that down.

Or it can be as grand as teaching an entirely new way to sell. Maybe you have experience with rejuvenating old ideas, or finding opportunity where there wasn’t one, or planting the seed for long-term success versus short-period gains.

And it can be anything in between. Maybe your team is one of the most diverse teams out there. Maybe you have team members with a range of skills they can teach and share. Maybe you even happen to know about a monthly coaching program that can help new direct sellers launch on the right foot!

The idea here is not necessarily to think about all the ways you can be different, but just think about some of the reasons why someone picks a leader to follow, or some of the reasons why you pick certain leaders to follow, and decide on the kind of leader you want to be and what those values are.

People can join any direct sales company they want—and they can join under any consultant. And if they're smart, they are out team-shopping and trying to decide which team would be the best team for them—where do they fit in?

So, your goal here is to first decide on the type of team members who would feel most at home on your team by visualizing your dream team, and then sponsor more team members who match that vision by defining what it is you're offering them.


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