365 days in a year, 11 days left in 2017, which means 97% of 2017 is behind us. We're basically done. We're starting to get 2017itis. It's like vacationitis, or senioritis…. “eh we're so close to the end, no big deal I'll just kinda slide now. I'll just restart next year!” Cue the Christmas cookies and Hallmark movies.


The only way I'd say this is OK, is if you've already conquered all your goals for 2017. Even single one of them. Signed, sealed delivered. Personal development is done, financial goals are met, clients are served, and promotions are attained.

Oh wait…. they're not? Well then, let's keep talking.

Are you still pushing until the last second? If you are a leader, are you still motivating and cheering your team to the very last order?

Here's what I'm doing. We are opening up two new programs before year end. Kinda big ones too – Blogging Boot Camp. We only offer it a few times per year, and it's our signature program.

Who in their right mind launches a huge program the week before Christmas?!

THIS GIRL, YO. And guess what we did today? Sold out of Premium Boot Camp in 6 hours. (Standard opens tomorrow!)

I want to start 2018 with a bang right out of the gate. I want to hit the ground running fast, and teach all our new bloggers to run with us. This requires all kinds of administration, behind the scenes work, and technology stuff. It requires not stopping, not giving up because it's almost Christmas and I just want to eat sugar cookies. (Mmmmm cookies.) We're not stopping because there is always time to do more if there is still room to run. And the running momentum we pick up now gets us going for a big sprint into 2018.

Tell me – what's one goal you're still striving for in the next few days? It ain't over till someone cries in a Hallmark movie.

Keep going.


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