The Comparison Trap.

We all get sucked in. Every single one of us. We look at someone else’s presence or outcomes, and immediately start beating ourselves up that we’re not doing the same. We must be failing!

Unless you are able to answer every single one of these questions and they are the exact same answers as YOUR business, the comparison trap is a myth, a big fat illusion.

– How long has she been in business?
– How many hours per day or week is she working?
– How much product/inventory does she have?
– Does she have prior direct sales, business, or leadership experience?
– Is she working with a business coach or mentor?
– What educational background does she have (for example, a business or marketing degree)?
– Does she have prior “public presence” that carried over to her direct sales business?
– What sales channels is she utilizing?
– What social channels is she utilizing?
– What is her mix of online vs. in-person business?
– What business processes or tools is she using behind the scenes?
– Does she have support staff that assist her?

It’s so easy to compare someone else’s “outside” to our “inside” and then feel like crap. And that is quite literally like comparing apples to elephants.

There is absolutely no one else who has the exact same business as you. Literally no one. You might sell the same product as someone else… but every question above is what makes your business yours, and is what creates the blessing (and sometimes frustration) of being independent.

Embrace that, stay in your own lane, eyes forward, don’t drive off the road into the comparison trap.

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