If you’re starting up a new business, one of the first things you’ll be told is “get on social media.”

One of the second things you’ll be told is “marketing is easy on social media.”

But it probably won’t take long for you to learn that this is a lie. And a pretty big one. Social media marketing is not an easy thing to master. If it were, there wouldn’t be so many masters, gurus, coaches, books, and classes all trying to teach the masses about how to do it.

You can make a lot of mistakes when you first start trying to market your new business on social media. Which is why we decided to chat about the dos and don’ts of social media. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the chat:

  • A1 Cold messaging almost always ends up with a cold response. If you’ve started a new business, that’s awesome. but that also means putting in the work to establish new relationships with people and your brand. #SocialMarketingChat
  • A3 I think you should definitely tell them about your new business but not to request sales. They may not be your ideal clients #SocialMarketingChat
  • A4 – Someone just added me to a group, & it made me feel frustrated. My news feed it just full, you know? If she had messaged me first, I would have felt differently, and been glad to request to join. #SocialMarketingChat
  • It’s nice to have your loved ones supporting you overall, if they want to make a sale they will. No need to force it #SocialMarketingChat
  • A7 that’s silly. Making your own graphics make them yours and look better too! #SocialMarketingChat

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