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How to Invite People To Join Your Direct Sales Team
Inviting people to joining your direct sales team can seem like a daunting task. If you've done no other work towards building your team, it can be the most daunting thing you've ever done. But if you have it can be easy to invite people to join your direct sales...
How to Keep Your Direct Sales Team Motivated All Month Long
Have you ever struggled to keep your direct sales team motivated? Especially through the middle of the month, when things are starting to get a little messy? Sometimes, direct sellers get so caught up in everything about themselves that they forget to think about...
About those Promises You Made Your Direct Sales Team
So, there you are, talking to your best friend about your company and how much you love your new life as a direct seller, and she asks you if you think she would enjoy selling as well... And you say yes, of course! Because you have the best of intentions and while you...
Grow Your Direct Sales Team Fast By Celebrating Effort—Not Just Results
Are you asking all the right people and saying all the right things and still struggling with how to grow your direct sales team fast? Does it feel like even though you're sponsoring new team members regularly, they are quitting or dropping out as fast as you can find...

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