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7 Dos and Don’ts for Posting Memorial Day Content in Your Direct Sales Business
Memorial Day is right around the corner—are you going to be posting Memorial Day content to commemorate it? For millions of Americans, Memorial Day is a yearly reminder of the servicemembers who made the ultimate sacrifice while defending the United States as members...
How Defining Your Value Can Help You Sponsor more Team Members for Your Direct Sales Business
Are you struggling to sponsor more team members? You might think that it would be easier if you knew more people, but the truth is even for the most outgoing people with the biggest circle of friends, trying to sponsor more team members can feel like a never-ending...
How to Visualize Your Direct Sales Dream Team
Are you struggling to build your direct sales team? Learning how to visualize your direct sales dream team could help! I know, "visualizing isn't really all that tactical—can you just tell me what to actually do??" While this might not seem like a real step, this is...
10 Things You Must Do To Build Your Direct Sales Team
Let me guess: one of your friends just joined an amazing direct sales company with amazing products and then told you how much fun they’re having being able to sell those products, right? And because they make it all look so easy and because you’re looking to make a...

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