So glad to see you've grabbed my Done-For-Your content calendar! Creating compelling content for social media is a vital step in your marketing success — and this calendar helps give you the headstart you need.

You'll notice on the calendar are a lot of “low-risk” prompts. And you may be wondering what a low-risk post is and why they are important when it comes to creating compelling content for social media, exactly?

Let's get to it.

Social engagement is driven heavily by social psychology. Meaning, before someone engages on a post, they are making continual and usually subconscious evaluations about the perceived “risk” of engaging on a particular post.

When someone begins following you on social media, whether liking your Facebook page, joining your Facebook group, opting-in to your email, or engaging with you on any social platform, one of the first things they will often do is peek around and begin asking questions:

  • Are any of my friends following this channel?
  • What kind of content is posted here?
  • Is it a safe community?
  • Is the leader/moderator being vulnerable and inviting the community to be vulnerable as well?
  • If I comment, who will see it?
  • Who will comment on it?
  • Will it open me up to judgment in some way?
  • Will the community or leader protect me?

The risk-level of posts varies — even on posts that aren't directly about promoting your business.

From a user perspective, risk-levels look like this:

  • A click is lower risk than a like.
  • A like is lower risk than a comment.
  • A comment is lower risk than sharing an image.
  • Sharing an image is lower risk than sharing the post.

When retraining an audience for engagement, we have to start with low-risk content. We have to give someone a very easy and safe way to engage, that will help them 1 – see more of our content in their newsfeed, and 2 – build up the trust that leads to them becoming an active (and safe) member of the community.

Low-risk content typically doesn't require a commitment. And because of that, it's much more compelling.

So for example “who wants to be a beta tester?” is a high risk ask. It requires a higher level of time and commitment to test and thoroughly review a product and then leave a public testimonial or review. It also comes with a vulnerable feeling because what if you don't like the product you agreed to test and review? How do you handle the testimonial now?

“Which one of these items do you like better?” is a low-risk ask. It requires almost no time commitment, very little effort, and almost no vulnerability.

As we build content strategy and as your community begins to trust and engage with your content, you can then layer in higher risk levels of content. Someone who has already engaged on several pieces of low-risk content is more likely to engage on some of your higher-risk content.

If you are seeing low engagement on your social posts, consider dropping the risk-level of your next post. Ask something more innocuous that asks for lower engagement.

Someone who doesn't know you may not be willing to post a photo of their dog on your page, but they might be willing to vote for their favorite breed, or dog food, or crazy dog sweater.

Throughout your new Done-For-You Content Calendar, you'll see specific dates indicating to ask a low risk question. But as you work with the calendar, you can consider risk at every level.

Questions to consider as you work through this Calendar

  • Is this post helping my follower feel safe to respond?
  • Am I asking too much from someone in response, versus just a like or comment?
  • Am I posting content that will compel my audience to participate?


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