Who would have thought you could get stuck trying to figure out what to call your VIP group, right?

Congratulations on your new direct sales business!

What an exciting time. For most people, this is when their creative muscles really get to stretch out and take over a bit: creating logos, choosing a business name, creating profiles on social media… And then there's figuring out what to call your VIP group on Facebook.

If you thought choosing a group name was hard, you're absolutely right. It's one of the most often asked questions we get from new direct sellers and solopreneurs. Here are some of our best tips you can use to come up with the perfect name to call your VIP Group.

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5 Tips to Help You Figure Out What to Call your VIP Group

1. Check with your company's policies and procedures. This is an important first step as you want to make sure you follow any rules they have in place for naming your group (or your page, or any other channel for that matter). The last thing you want to do is come up with a name you love and end up in trouble with your company's compliance department.

2. Examine your existing group. Or, if you don't have an existing group, examine your ideal clients or past customers. If you haven't made any sales yet, take this time to examine yourself and your inner circle of best friends. What are some of the things you all have in common? What do you like to talk about or what kinds of things do your friends laugh about? Any one of these things help convey the overall atmosphere and vibe you want your group to have. It may work out in your best interest to use any of these descriptions (especially if you find the same one coming up over and over again) in your group name.

3. Think about what you are going to do in your group — other than sales and promotional posts, those are a bit obvious. But what else are you going to do in your group other than sales? Will there be demonstrations? Tutorials? Classes? Is there a word or a phrase that will work to convey these activities that you can add into the group name that will help explain this concept?

4. Think about any nicknames or terms of endearment that you and your friends might use. Are you “besties?” Or “Rockstars?” Or even “Divas?” When you get together, are you the “ride or die” type? Or are you more “Netflix & chill?”  Phrases like this are a great way to let new members know the type of atmosphere they can expect once they join your group.

5. Think about how people are going to be introduced to your group. Are you expecting to funnel everyone in through other means such as personal meetings or from other channels? Or do you expect a lot of people will use the search function to find your group? If you believe most people will be finding your group through searches, then what keywords do you expect them to be using? Make sure those keywords are near the beginning, as Facebook often truncates group names that are too long.

Its also okay to go with something, and rebrand after a while because it no longer works. Nothing is permanent in your business. You can and probably will change it.


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